Scottish Masters 2015

30-31 May 2015, Meadows

James Hopgood receiving the trophy from the club chairman, Roger BinksJames Hopgood won the Scottish Masters with a perfect 8 wins from 8 games.  There were thirteen players including three visitors from the Surbiton club; handicaps ranged from -1½ to 12.  We played a total of 41 games, 8 tps were completed and 5 of the games went to time.  Janice Duguid secured a handicap reduction from 5 to 4½. The weather was pleasant on Saturday; Sunday was a bit cold and damp at first, but brightened up later.  Both days were windy and this added to the difficulty.

A second competition was run in conjunction with the main event.  This was a "horse race" in which there is a handicapped race to the winning post: you make progress by winning games (e.g. for a -1½ to win, they'll need eight wins, whereas for a handicap 12 to win, they'll need just two wins, across the weekend). Hamish Duguid won this close run event.

John Surgenor


James Hopgood 8/8 100%
Campbell Morrison 5/6 83%
Sam Murray 5/7 71%
Jane Morrison 4/7 57%
John Surgenor 3/6 50%
Hamish Duguid 2/4 50%
Alan Wilson 3/7 43%
Janice Duguid 3/7 43%
George Noble 3/8 38%
Graham Brightwell 2/6 33%
Charlotte Townsend 2/6 33%
Bob Darling 1/5 20%
Joe Lennon 0/5 0%


Roger Binks and Hamish Duguid