Chairman's Rosebowl and Malmet Trophy 2013

14-16 September 2013, Meadows

There were 12 players available for this year's SCA invitation events, and so they all got places and both events were fully populated - though two of those in the Malmet were absent on the third day and played some of their games early to compensate.  The line-up was:

Chairman's Rosebowl:
James Hopgood (handicap -2, dynamic grade 2351, world ranking 32)
John Surgenor (0, 1877, 231)
Brian Murdoch (0, 1863, 243)
Bryan Sykes (1.5, 1654, 448)
Fergus McInnes (2.5, 1623, 470)
Alan Wilson (3.5, 1561, 531)

Malmet Trophy:
Janice Duguid (6, 1414, 691)
Jamieson Walker (7, 1366, 718)
Bob Darling (7, 1365, 720)
Hamish Duguid (8, 1297, 755)
Joe Lennon (10, 1260, 769)
David Houston (14, not in rankings)

Both trophies were won by the respective highest-ranked players, with James remaining undefeated; Janice lost two games to Bob, but still came out ahead and got her handicap down to 5.

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SCA v CA 2013

31 August and 1 September 2013, Meadows

The Croquet Association retained the Glasgow Quaich with a 15-12 win over the Scottish Croquet Association in their annual match, which it was the Scots' turn to host this year.

After two years of dominance by the CA - who won 21-6 in 2011, and 22-5 in 2012 - the team selections for 2013 gave the Scots hope of a closer match.  Indeed the SCA looked slightly stronger than the CA as measured by handicaps:

Campbell Morrison (-0.5)  Graham Gale (-0.5)
John Surgenor (0) Phill Scarr (-0.5)
Brian Murdoch (0.5) Charles Waterfield (0.5) 
Bill Spalding (2) Andrew Killick (3.5)
Fergus McInnes (2.5) Roger Staples (4)
Alan Wilson (3.5) Barry Keen (7)

Saturday started with a round of doubles games, which should have given the SCA a lead if they had gone to handicap, but which in fact turned out 2-1 to the CA - John and Fergus getting the SCA's only win (by three points on time) against Phill and Roger, while Brian and Bill had an even narrower loss on time to Charles and Andrew, and Graham and Barry achieved the only peg-out to beat Campbell and Alan +7.

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20+ Tournament 2013

7 September 2013, Meadows

Entry numbers fluctuated up to the 11th hour but, in the end, there were five entrants for this year's tournament. Three had just started playing this year and their enthusiasm and standard of play was a credit both to themselves and their coaches.

Despite very heavy rain throughout the preceding night, the weather remained mainly dry and the courts were still playing reasonably quickly.

This tournament is played to Short Croquet rules and the format this year was all play each other with 70 minute time limits.

Lyn was unfortunate to be on the losing end of her first two games by dint of a failed rover peel in her game against Roger and, in the next, a lucky ricochet off the peg by Bill which resulted in a roquet, leading on to a good break.

In his third game, Bill recorded his first ever peg out, leaving him and Roger as the only unbeaten players. In the ensuing deciding game, Bill took his first ball to peg, with Roger following suit and pegging out Bill's ball. Although both back balls were still on 1, Bill had six bisques remaining, which proved sufficient for him to complete a break and peg out, without Roger having the opportunity to take croquet again.

Hamish Duguid


Bill Strachan (Crathes) 24 beat R Frith +3T (11-8); L Gilpin +3T (13-10); A Elgood +9; R Binks +8
Roger Binks (Meadows) 20 beat L Gilpin +1; A Elgood +9; R Frith +9
Lyn Gilpin (Meadows) 22 beat R Frith +3T (11-8); A Elgood +13
Rachel Frith (Meadows) 24 beat A Elgood +4T (4-0)
Anne Elgood (Meadows) 24

Scottish Short Croquet Championship 2013

25 August 2013, Kinross

Roger Binks from the Meadows Croquet Club won the Scottish Short Croquet Championship, played on a warm and rather humid day with occasional sunshine at the Green Hotel in Kinross.  Last year's winner Alistair Malcolm - the sole entrant from the host club - came a close second, being equal with Roger on games won but behind on net points.

With eight players from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Kinross, the two short courts were fully occupied, and seven rounds of games were played - with a good lunch in Jock's Bar after the third round, and excellent sponge cake and Pimms provided by Alistair's wife Susan at the side of the lawn in the morning and afternoon, to keep everyone going throughout a full day's croquet.

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