SCA v CA 2015

5-6 September 2015, Meadows

The Scottish Croquet Association finally won back the Glasgow Quaich with a 14-10 win over the Croquet Association in their annual match which was held at Meadows Croquet Club.

On paper the teams looked fairly even with the Scots slightly stronger in the top half and the CA slightly stronger in the bottom half.  Both teams featured rapid improvers in Chris Martin for the SCA and John-Paul Moberly for the CA who had both received several handicap cuts over the season to be level on 6.  The teams were:

John Surgenor (-½) Derek Watts (1)
David Magee (0) Andrew Killick (1)
Alan Wilson (2) Charles Waterfield (1½)
Janice Duguid (4) Roger Staples (3½)
Bob Darling (6) Barry Keen (4)
Chris Martin (6) John-Paul Moberly (6)

With the first round of doubles going 2-1 to the CA and the second round 2-1 to the SCA it looked as if the match would indeed be a close run affair.  The first round of singles was started with players meeting their opposite numbers against whom they had already played 2 doubles games. This meant that as soon as a doubles game finished two singles games could start.   Captain John Surgenor quickly showed the way by defeating Derek Watts but the other games were all pegged down overnight, with all games looking fairly even, to allow the players and others to make their way to the Omar Khayyam restaurant for the match dinner.

Next morning the SCA won all the pegged down games meaning they only needed 4 more wins out of the remaining 12 games to wrest back the trophy.   Slowly the results went the way of the SCA with Alan Wilson finally gaining the 4th point with the last game of the round. So the SCA had won the match with one round to play, which was just as well, as the CA mounted a real fightback winning 5 out of the 6 games in the final round.

Both the newcomers won 2 out of 3 games with Chris taking the honours in a very close match between them, winning after time with a golden hoop (well actually a golden peg out!). If John-Paul had known there were no draws in timed games in AC (unlike GC) things could have been very different.

If there was a presentation I missed it as I was ferrying Barry to Waverley to catch his train home but, as the CA had not brought the quaich north there was no trophy to present.

We’ll just need to win it again next year so we can bring it back where it belongs.

Alan Wilson



Doubles (Scottish names first)

John Surgenor & Chris Martin lost to Derek Watts  &John-Paul Moberly +17
Alan Wilson &Janice Duguid lost to Charles Waterfield & Roger Staples +9t
David Magee & Bob Darling beat Andrew Killick & Barry Keen +13

John Surgenor & Bob Darling beat Derek Watts & Barry Keen +12
David Magee & Janice Duguid beat Andrew Killick & Roger Staples +4t
Alan Wilson & Chris Martin lost to Charles Waterfield & John-Paul Moberly +12



John Surgenor beat Derek Watts +19
Bob Darling beat Barry Keen +4
Alan Wilson beat Charles Waterfield +12
Chris Martin beat John-Paul Moberly +1t
David Magee beat Andrew Killick +16
Janice Duguid beat Roger Staples +17
John Surgenor beat +Andrew Killick +4
Alan Wilson beat Derek Watts +11
David Magee beat Charles Waterfield +23
Janice Duguid lost to Barry Keen +3t
Bob Darling lost to John-Paul Moberly +17
Chris Martin beat Roger Staples +19
John Surgenor lost to Charles Waterfield +8t
David Magee beat Derek Watts +26tp
Alan Wilson lost to Andrew Killick +5
Janice Duguid lost to John-Paul Moberly +7t
Bob Darling lost to Roger Staples +24
Chris Martin lost to Barry Keen +12


Match score  SCA 14 CA 10