Golf Croquet Handicap 2020

4 October 2020, Meadows

Because of torrential rain the previous day, as well as overnight rain, we decided to start play at 11.30 to give the lawns time to dry out. In fact the day was dry and sunny and the lawns were in excellent condition.

With eight players, with handicaps from 5 to 11, we played two blocks of four with a final between the winner of each block. We played 13-point games with a time limit of 45 minutes, 50 minutes if double-banked.

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Hamish Duguid Handicap Weekend

19-20 September 2020, Balgreen and Meadows

Stefan Colling from Glasgow won the Hamish Duguid weekend with a total of five wins – only Roger Binks managed to defeat him in a very close game at Balgreen on Sunday. The format of the weekend was dictated by the need for social distancing and Covid-19 rules were strictly enforced by the Meadows and Balgreen Covid officers. Sixteen players were divided into four blocks on the Saturday with the block winners progressing to Block A on the Sunday, the players coming second progressing to Block B and so on. Stefan and John Owen both had two wins in Block A but Stefan’s superior net points won him the bottle of wine, presented by Janice Duguid, and a well deserved handicap reduction to 9.

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Basil Townsend Quaich 2020

1 August 2020, Auchincruive

On a fairly sunny, windy, but midge-free and rain-free day, four clubs competed for the Basil Townsend Quaich: Auchincruive (Kevin Wright), Edinburgh (David Fell), Glasgow (Stefan Colling) and Meadows (John Campbell). The competition was played over three rounds of 18-point handicap AC on the Auchincruive lawn under socially distanced guidelines.

This was a fairly close competition and going into the third round, three of the players could still win it.  After the final round, Auchincruive, Edinburgh and Glasgow had all won two games and lost one, but Glasgow (Stefan) was the overall winner as he had a much better hoop difference, mainly due to him playing his bisques to great effect in his game against Kevin, and making an 8-hoop break! So well done to Glasgow and Stefan! Despite social distancing a pleasant day was had by all.

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