East v West v North of Scotland 2019

1-2 June 2019, Meadows

The 17th annual match between the East and West, which had included North of Scotland from 2014, attracted a disappointingly low number of players.  North, having won the event in 2015 and 2016, had not been able to find a team after 2017.  Thus only 10 players over two days were split between East and West, to play 27 games, a combination of 18-point AC (13 games), Short Croquet (6) and 13-point GC (8) and resulting in a close contest.   Management was shared between Brian Cosford as Captain for West and Roger Binks for East.

The first day enjoyed good weather, despite a hint of rain.  The traditional sounds and effects of the Meadows Festival added variety.  Starting with five players for East and four for West, it was pleasing to see GC preference players opting for Short Croquet and using bisques sensibly.  To keep play going, it was decided that AC games having equal hoops at time would count as a draw, rather than take time for a golden hoop. That evening there was one win only separating the teams.  Day two had forecast heavy rain (which did not materialise). That and a conflict with the French Tennis Open and other prior commitments depleted the numbers by four, but enhanced by one to leave teams of three for the second session.  A leisurely day ensured ending when all had played each other sufficient times, and had enjoyed the tea.  During the weekend, a few spectators called in, including a couple of enquires about croquet in Edinburgh.

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Golf Croquet Handicap 2019

16 June 2019, Meadows

The event was played at the Meadows Croquet Club. Fortunately the anticipated rain kept off and it turned out to be ideal weather for playing croquet. There were only four entrants: Brian Cosford (6), Tom Dewar (6), Bruce Bennet (6) and Rachel Frith (11). This was disappointing and next year we must make more of an effort to ensure that GC players who are not SCA members are aware of this tournament and encouraged to enter.

As there were only four players everyone played everyone twice. We played six games, finishing at about 3.30 pm. There was some excellent play and several remarkable flukes such as running hoops one and two with one shot. As everyone had three wins the overall winner was decided on net points.

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Scottish Short Croquet Championship 2019

18 August 2019, Balgreen

With eight entrants, the format this year was a single American Block with all-play-all. The 14-point games, played on half lawns and with a one hour time limit, meant that, although some games finished quickly, nobody had to wait long before returning to the lawns.

The laws allow for all but the very low handicap players to have a suitably adjusted number of bisques in every game. Not only did Jane Morrison, the lowest handicap entrant, not receive bisques but the short croquet handicap table showed that she also was required to do two mandatory peels in every game. Jane accepted that this would be excellent practice for all the triples she will be doing next season and, to her credit, she still went on to win 43% of her games.

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Basil Townsend Quaich 2019

21 July 2019, Auchincruive

In a close competition with most games going to time, four teams competed for the trophy: Auchincruive (Kevin Wright), Edinburgh (Kathy Brown), Glasgow (Richard Sparrow) and Meadows (Roger Binks), each team playing three 18-point games. The weather was fine apart from the last 20 minutes when the heavens opened on Kathy and Kevin who were still playing, and with the score level, had to play the ‘golden hoop’ in the torrential rain. Auchincruive, won all their games and took the trophy.

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Walker Cup 2019

17 August 2019, Meadows

The Walker Cup was won this year by Hamish Duguid.

This AC competition is a one day event, open to players with handicaps of 10 and over.  The format chosen for the day was a flexible Swiss, the winner being decided by the highest percentage of wins from at least 4 games.  Games were 18 point, with a time limit of 1 hour 30 mins, plus an additional 1 minute per bisque.  Standard handicap rules applied. Tie break criteria were advised in advance of play.

There were 9 entrants and all but two of them completed 5 rounds by close of play, with one keen competitor managing 6. Fortunes fluctuated as the games progressed but the final outcome produced a clear winner.

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