Secretary Trophy 2015

11 July 2015, Meadows

David Houston won the Secretary Trophy, beating Jola Jurasinska in a close final.   This is a 14 point competition played to advanced rules with bisques.   The format used was a cross-block with 10 players on 3 lawns.   The entrants were firstly seeded by handicap, then allocated alternately to two blocks. Each member of one block played all members of the other block, giving five rounds of play at the block stage.   Games were given a time limit of 1hr 20 minutes,  plus one minute per bisque. The game with the highest number of bisques in each round was played on the single-banked lawn.

Strategies varied across the games, with many players choosing to go to the peg with their first ball, giving a contact and a ball scatter leave to their opponent.  With just a few bisques involved in most games and a frequent number of blobbed hoops, there were opportunities for play by both sides, which kept interest high for both players and spectators. Eight games went to peg-out but most were close, with differences of only a few hoops. Many could have gone either way and were only decided in the last timed turn.

After the cross-block section, it had been intended to have a round of ‘within-block’ matches to decide the final placing order but, as only Jola and David had five wins at that stage, the overall winner was clearly going to be the winner of their game. There was little enthusiasm from the others to play a further round at that point in the day, so the sixth round was the final between David and Jola.

David got off to a good start, taking his blue ball to hoop 6, which he attempted but failed, his turn ending with his blue ball on B baulk. Jola waived her right to a contact, choosing instead to set up a rush on the blue ball to hoop 2, then positioning the other balls for a 4 ball break.  She used her only whole bisque to start the break and took her first ball round to hoop 6, where she too broke down. This enabled David to take the innings and set up with Jola’s balls at hoops 2 and 3, giving himself a dolly rush with his black ball at hoop 1.

Jola fired for her ball at hoop 2 but missed.  She then used her remaining half bisque to re-arrange the balls, putting David’s balls at hoops 1 and 3 and joining up with her own ball at hoop 2. Unluckily, her final shot hilled off as it slowed and trickled behind hoop 2, leaving her wired from her other ball and giving David the chance to take back the innings.

David’s next break, with black, continued to hoop 4 where he blobbed in the hoop, with Jola’s ball as reception ball. Jola took back the innings and proceeded round to hoop 4, where, as time was approaching, she too failed to make the hoop, with David’s hoop 6 ball as reception ball. David sprinted onto the lawn and just had time to hit in with blue, clear Jola’s ball well up the lawn and set up a rush for black with blue to hoop 4, before time was called.  Jola missed the long shot at the rush in her last turn, allowing David to take the rush, make hoops 4, 5 and 6 and peg out his black ball to win 12-8 in the final turn.

Congratulations to David on winning the trophy and on reducing his handicap to 8.


Janice Duguid.


Results (cross-blocks)

David Houston +1T +1T +11 +4T +3T 5
Jola Jurasinska +4T +2T +11 +1T +1T 5
Lyn Gilpin -10 +3T +2T +3T +12 4
Jamieson Walker -10 -5T -4 +8 +11 2
Roger Binks -5T -2T -1T -1T -2T 0


Alistair Malcolm -1T -4T +10 +10 +5T 3
Hamish Duguid -1T -2T -3T +5T +2T 2
Robert Inder -11 -11 -2T +4 +1T 2
Rachel Frith -4T -1T -3T -8 +1T 1
Joe Lennon -3T -1T -12 -11 +2T 1

Final:  David Houston beat Jola Jurasinska +4T