The Kelvingrove Trophy

The Kelvingrove Trophy is awarded annually to the mosty improved GC player.

Previous winners

2022 T Halliday
2021 T Halliday
2020 D Windmill
2019 L Dewar
2018 L Dewar
2017 L Dewar
2016 AFC Clark
2015 CD Martin
2014 HLA Duguid
2013 LA Gilpin
2012 RA Hawke

The Fergus McInnes Tankard

The Fergus McInnes Tankard is awarded annually in recognition of a personal best peeling exploit by an SCA member: it could be your first triple, your first straight triple, your first fifth or sixth turn triple, the first time you had two triples in a best-of-three. The circumstances of the game might matter: a triple to win +2tp would be special, or indeed a three-ball triple for a +1tp victory. It might be the first time you managed four, five or six peels, though if you regularly complete triples, performing your first quadruple by sticking in 3-back and having the innings gifted back by your opponent would not be particularly highly regarded.

If you manage a peeling exploit which is a special one for you, please email a description of your achievement, including details of the tournament, venue and opponent, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will collate submissions for the consideration of the executive committee at their end-of-season meeting.

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The Gleneagles Trophy

Trophy:  A Silver Cup.

The Gleneagles Trophy was donated by Ian H. Wright at the AGM of the SCA in April 1977 to be presented by the SCA to the most improved player in Scotland in each season. At the time it was first presented GC was hardly ever played in Scotland, but in 2012 the Kelvingrove Trophy was presented by the SCA for the most improved GC player and the Gleneagles Trophy was explicitly designated the award for the most improved AC player.

The name of the trophy was chosen to commemorate the particular part the Gleneagles Hotel had played in the development of croquet in Scotland, although also in 1977, the hotel announced that, due to building expansion, the SCA would not be able to hold so many major events there.  The May and September weekends would therefore henceforth be held in Edinburgh or Glasgow, although Finals Day would continue at Gleneagles for some time longer.

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