20+ Tournament

Trophy:  A Silver Quaich donated by the SCA.

Open to players of handicap 20 and over. 

Until 2003, this was played under full bisques handicap rules, usually with 18-point games.  After two years of cancellation because of lack of numbers, it was decided from 2006 that it would be played under Short Croquet Rules.

Although it has not been confirmed that this was the first edition of this tournament, a report of an SCA One-Day Tournament for ‘seniors and others’ at Lauriston Castle on 28th August 1996 has been found, which was won by Nigel Gardner.  A second edition was held at Lauriston on 3rd September, 1997, won by Donald Lamont, but the records for the 20+ event show a different winner, in Betty Blaikie, so there may indeed have been two different events.  Indeed the 1999 report states that this had been the first time the event had been held at Lauriston, so the origins of the official 20+ Tournament remain obscure.

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All England Area & National Finals

Lt-Cdr Ronnie Sinclair won the CA Open Championship Centenary edition of the Croquet Association All-England Handicap event in 1967, Bill Spalding won it in 1968, Robert Milne in 1969 and Bob Maclean in 1970.  These events were a catalyst for the formation of the Scottish Croquet Committee, which led in 1974 to the formation of the Scottish Croquet Association.

Edinburgh CC, the Green Hotel, Kinross, Airthrey CC, and later, Bush CC, hosted one of the CA Area Finals annually until about 1989, after which Scottish clubs no longer participated in early rounds.

Donald Lamont appeared in the National Finals at Surbiton in 1993 (see report), but there is no record of the means by which he qualified.

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Australia Match

In 1986, Scotland entertained the full Australia team, in the British Isles for the MacRobertson Shield series.






at Glasgow

The following represented Scotland in this match:

Ian Bond

AUS 86

Michael Heap

AUS 86

Bill Spalding

AUS 86

Geoff Strutt

AUS 86

Rod Williams

AUS 86

Stephen Wright

AUS 86

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Auchincruive Golf Croquet Doubles

This event is played under local Golf Croquet Rules, equivalent to the “old” rules that preceded the WCF-sponsored changes (see 5th Edition of the Laws of Croquet).  The main differences are the start-point, the prohibition of jump-shots, and the requirement that a ball can score a hoop only if it passes completely through in a single stroke.

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B-Level (Middle Bisquers)

Trophy:  The Adam Trophy donated by A.H.M. Adam.

The trophy for this event was presented by the SCA’s new Chairman, Alasdair Adam, at the prize-giving after the Annual Dinner in 1985.

The B-Level (Middle Bisquers’) Tournament is open to players who have a handicap in the “middle” range usually between 3 and 10 (though players with handicaps above 10 are not excluded).  It is an excellent opportunity for improving players to test themselves where no bisques are available.  Played under advanced rules.

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