Chairman's Rosebowl 2023

16-18 September, Meadows

The beautiful late summer weather broke just in time for the Chairman's & Malmet weekend, which was forecast to be cold and wet.  Happily, most of the heavy rain fell in the night and the lawns coped well, with only a small area of one lawn adversely affected.  With a tight handicap range of -1 to 1, all the contestants were potential winners.

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SCA v CA 2023

26-27 August 2023, Meadows

The annual match between the SCA and the CA was played over the English August Bank Holiday weekend at the Meadows.  There was a change to the format this year as, due to a family bereavement, one of the English team had to drop out at the last moment.  Rosemary Saunders Robertson graciously withdrew from our team so we ended up with two 5-man teams which, in turn, created a flow of emails to agree a revised format.  The new format consisted of a mix of singles and doubles for the first four rounds and concluded with a round of singles where each member of the team played their opposite number in ranking order.

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Spalding Trophy 2023

20 August 2023, Knightswood

Despite a rather uncertain weather forecast the Spalding Alternate Stroke, Advanced play competition enjoyed a warm and sunny day throughout.  On the Saturday night before the competition the manager had six pairs evenly matched using a combination of high and low handicaps.  Unfortunately with a late withdrawal there was a need to improvise with the competition rules. It was decided that one player (Rosemary Saunders Robertson) would compete as a single player but would need to peel one of her own balls in each of her games (she managed it in 2 out of 3).  This rule was extended to round 3 for Roger Binks.

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