SCA Coaching Qualifications

The SCA maintains a register of qualified coaches and recognises four grades of coach. The normal mechanisms for coach qualification are outlined below - please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

  • Grade D. To qualify as a Grade D coach a player should have a handicap of 20 or below and have helped with beginner coaching at his or her home club. The prospective coach should also have been involved in the planning of these coaching sessions, but does not have to have led any of the sessions. The course leader will then approve the appointment.
  • Grade C. Should be moderately experienced in tournament play and have a handicap of 12 or below. The prospective coach should have been involved in the organisation of a coaching course for handicaps 14+ at club or SCA level, leading at least one session. The coaching notes for this session should be forwarded to the SCA coaching officer, who will approve the appointment in consultation with the course leader.
  • Grade B. Should be experienced B class players with at least assistant referee qualification who are or have had a handicap of 7 or less. The qualification mechanism is similar to Grade C except that the relevant course should be for players in the 6-12 range.
  • Grade A. Would be the most talented A class players and would normally be involved in the running of national courses for players of handicap 6 or below. The qualification mechanism will be arranged on an individual basis in discussion with the SCA coaching officer, and will normally involve leading an SCA course or coaching extensively within a club at the appropriate level.

At all grades, it will be fine if a player can demonstrate the required experience, knowledge of the game and coaching ability by other means.