Malmet Trophy 2015

19-21 September 2015, Kelvingrove

Following a withdrawal, only five players made themselves available for the six places in this year's competition. This was especially disappointing, given that eleven had put their names forward in 2014.

The venue this year was Kelvingrove and, despite heavy overnight rains, the courts played well over the long weekend. The gloomy weather forecast fortunately proved to be wrong, requiring waterproofs to be donned for only brief intervals.   The tournament was run over the three days as  a double round robin with single banking and  a time limit of 2.5 hours.

Give the range of the entrants' handicaps, it was perhaps not too surprising that Brian and Chris should find themselves unbeaten when they met in the final game of the first round. Both players had several good opportunities but it was Chris who went on to win.

As the competition continued, it was looking as though the outcome would most likely be decided when Chris and Brian next met but Joe intervened by beating Brian in their second encounter, leaving Chris in an unassailable position.

Chris, meantime, was completing a straight triple peel in his game against Hamish. Although this was his first, the manner in which it was achieved suggests there will be many more to come.

The final game between Brian and Chris was another close game with an entertaining mix of missed opportunities and precision play by both players ending in a very close result of +1T to Chris but only after Brian missed the opportunity to take the game to a golden hoop when he narrowly missed the peg with a long attempt with his rover ball.

Congratulations to Chris on his well deserved win and the reduction of his handicap from 6 to 5.   Hamish and Joe saw increases to their handicaps to 10 and 11 respectively.

Hamish Duguid


Chris Martin   +3T (19-16)
+1T (22-21)
+6T (23-17)
Brian Durward -3T (16-19)
-1T (21-22)
-1T (15-16)
David Houston -14
  +11T (19-8)
+13T (23-10)
+5T (20-15)
Joe Lennon -6T (17-23)
+1T (16-15)
-11T (8-19)
-13T (10-23)
  +1T (18-17)
Hamish Duguid -21
-5T (15-20)
-1T (17-18)