Wilkinson Sword 2015

12 July, Kelvingrove

The 2015 Wilkinson Sword inter-club doubles tournament was played at Kelvingrove on two excellent but damp lawns following some very heavy overnight rain. Despite some light showers during the day the lawns soon dried out and keeping the balls in play became a challenge as the day progressed. With a good entry of six teams a round robin with five rounds of 14 point games, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, was used.

The fifth round effectively produced a final with Glasgow having to beat Meadows to go to four wins each.  The match started with Robert Inder going to hoop 4.  John Surgenor then went round to hoop 5 with a leave where both opposition balls were left at their respective hoops.  Chris Martin then used a bisque turn to set up a break which he took round to hoop 6.  With time running out Durward then produced a comedy of errors, (rolling into hoops, missing rushes etc) and despite a mad sprint to score hoop 4 he was unable to add to the Glasgow tally.

Meadows with five wins therefore won the doubles trophy.  They produced the most consistent play across all rounds and were clear and justified winners by the end of the afternoon.    

Other notable games: Glasgow managed a double peel turn to defeat Aberdeen & Crathes and Glasgow also introduced Kinross to the dark arts of pegging out oppo and the ensuing 3 ball game.  Kinross having experienced this tactic then attempted to use it against other teams with mixed success.

Brian Durward



  A A&C E G K M Wins Net

(Dave Arnot & Kevin Wright)



-10 +9 +3T
2 -2 46
Aberdeen & Crathes
(Charles Henderson & Brian Clark)
  +5 -11 +5T
-8 3 -7 43
(Allan Hawke & Bob Darling)
+10 -5   -2 +6 -5 2 +4 58
(Brian Durward & John Surgenor)
-9 +11 +2   +3 -2T
3 +5 55
(Alistair Malcolm & David Young)
-6 -3   -2T
0 -19 42
(Chris Martin & Robert Inder)


+8 +5 +2T
  5 +19 57