20+ Tournament 2009

12 September 2009, Meadows


Andrew Macmillan 4/4: beat Vivien Wightman +5T (10-5), David Houston +1T (9-8), Anne Maclean +11, George Geis +7.
Vivien Wightman 3/4: beat George Geis +7T (13-6), Anne Maclean +13, David Houston +3T (9-6).
David Houston 2/4: beat Anne Maclean +14, George Geis +3T (9-6).
George Geis 1/4: beat Anne Maclean +5T (12-7).
Anne Maclean 0/4.

SCA v CA 2009

5-6 September 2009, Meadows

The 33rd match between the Scottish Croquet Association and the Croquet Association was played at the Meadows Club in Edinburgh during the first weekend in September.  The result was a 20-10 win for the CA - the third consecutive away win in the series, sending the Glasgow Quaich south of the border again after last year's SCA victory at Crake Valley.

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Edinburgh Tournament 2009

17-22 August 2009, Fettes College

Aided by the assiduous work and persuasive abilities of the new Tournament Secretary Hamish Duguid, entries for this, the 39th Edinburgh Tournament, were more numerous than in any previous year since 2002.  The 35 entrants included former tournament manager Ian Wright, who had played on all 39 occasions so far (in 1969 and 1972-80 at Dunfermline College in Cramond, and at Fettes College annually from 1981); the present manager, Fergus McInnes, was perhaps a distant second to him in experience of the Fettes lawns, having played here every year since 1993.  At the other extreme we had several first-timers, including this year's furthest-travelled entrants, Jack Davies and Jamie Angus, who had come up from Sussex - though Jamie's accent suggested a past life north of the border, and questioning confirmed that he was originally from Falkirk.

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Walker Cup 2009

8 August 2009, Meadows

On the 8th of August, the 8 contenders for the Walker Cup assembled in the sunshine at the Meadows.  The Walker Cup is restricted to handicaps of 10 and over, and the entrants' handicaps spanned almost the entire range, from 11 (Robert Inder, last year's winner and also the novice tournament manager) up to 20.

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