West of Scotland Championship 2003

4-5 October 2003, Glasgow

The entry for this year's concluding SCA tournament was larger than for several years, with 12 players braving the chilly wind at Kelvingrove on Saturday the 4th of October, and 13 playing in more comfortable conditions on the following day.  (Jamieson Walker was not available on the Saturday, but was able to compete by playing two games early at Meadows West - in which he beat both Fergus McInnes and Charlotte Townsend.)  We might have needed a fourth lawn but for the withdrawal of George Anderson with a slight illness.

To the ranks of the "regulars" were added Joe Lennon (handicap 20), Malcolm O'Connell (1.5) and, visiting from Jersey, Elizabeth Medway (14).  The rest of the field ranged from Rod Williams (1.5) to last year's winner Robert Lay (18 at the end of last season, now down to 12).

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Scottish Championship Finals 2003

21 and 28 September 2003, Meadows and Glasgow

Traditionally the Scottish Championship Finals comprise the finals of the Scottish Open, Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles and Interclub League, and are scheduled to be played at the National Centre (formerly at Bush, now at Meadows West) during the last weekend of September.  In recent years it has also been the tradition that at least one of the finals is played late: the 2001 Doubles final, for instance, was played on the 6th of May 2002, and the 2002 Handicap Singles final on the 26th of October.

This year's finals broke with tradition in several respects.  Firstly, the Open had a new format and was completed in one weekend in July rather than being split into separate qualifying and final stages.  Secondly, the National Centre was not available at the designated weekend because of the need to do some serious scarifying, and so one of the three remaining finals was played a week early and the others were relocated to Glasgow.  Thirdly, all the championships were finished on schedule!

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Walker Cup 2003

20 September 2003, Meadows

The 2003 edition of the Walker Cup was held on Saturday 20th September 2003 at the Scottish Croquet Centre (Meadows West, Edinburgh).

This tournament is for players with handicap ten and over, and therefore frequently attracts players who do not compete in other SCA tournaments.  Following comments last year that the tournament lasted too long, it was decided this year to experiment by playing 18-point handicap games.  Combined with a three-round knock-out format with a single game in each round, this enabled the tournament to be completed before 4pm, following a 9:30am start.

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Wilkinson Sword 2003

29 June 2003, Glasgow

Brian Durward (4.5), Steve Barnett (7) - Glasgow
Geoff Caldwell (6), Maria Limonci (14) - Edinburgh

Number of games played - 3
Number of three-ball endings - 3
Calories consumed - 7346 (Steve and Claire provided a gooey chocolate fudge cake)
Pints drunk - 8.  Not each, but between us.  And in the pub afterwards.

Maria Limonci


+3 to Glasgow; +2 to Edinburgh; +18 to Edinburgh.

Malmet Trophy 2003

13-15 September 2003, Meadows

The Malmet Trophy (sometimes known as the Malmet Cup: it is a cup, but the inscription says "trophy") is meant to be contested by the second-best six available Scottish players; but this year there were only five contestants because not enough players were available for the full three days.

Play began at Meadows West on Saturday 13 September, in pleasantly warm though sometimes windy conditions.  Fergus McInnes (4), the favourite in terms of handicaps, nearly had a costly loss (17 index points) in the first round to Duncan Reeves (10), but managed to score three hoops and peg out one ball after time was called to win by one point on time.  Duncan had played very well in that first game, but didn't manage to maintain his form and lost the next two by wider margins to Maria Limonci (handicap 14) and Robert Lay (12).  Saturday's other games went according to handicap - Fergus and Alan Wilson (10) each beating both Robert and Maria.  One game was pegged down as the twilight ebbed away, with Alan ahead of Duncan by a single hoop.

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