Coaching Notes

There is a wide range of coaching notes available on the Oxford Croquet website.   These are supplemented below by some specific notes written by SCA members.

Pegged out endings

Jonathan Kirby's excellent notes on pegged out endings from his National Squad training weekend in May 2005 may be found here. Also included are brief discussions of openings and broken play.

Advanced play tactics

Chris Dent has written a series of single page articles on various aspects of advanced play. These are aimed at players of handicap about 6 or below, who already have some familiarity with the topics and associated terminology - hopefully everyone will find something of interest however.

  • Lift leaves - after the first break. Some suggested mechanisms for creating leaves, together with an answer to the common question of when one should start to set up the leave.
  • The early 2-back pioneer. A comprehensive discussion of the topic - hopefully it will also provide some stimulating ideas for other parts of the break. This also expands on part of the suggested leave mechanisms.
  • Some thoughts on peeling. Can be regarded as 'food for thought' on peeling breaks, or as a list of suggestions for what to do in various situations. In a single page there's not room to provide a comprehensive guide, so reference is made to other resources.

Roquet Calculator

Campbell Morrison has developed a Roquet Calculator based on some theoretical work by David Appleton.   It calculates the probability of hitting a two ball target given the probability of your hitting a single ball target 13 yards away.