Joining the SCA


The SCA and its affiliated clubs welcome new members, whether experienced croquet players or beginners.   There are three classes of individual membership:

Associate (Full) Membership: Associates receive the SCAYearbook (annually), are entitled to vote at General Meetings and may play in SCA tournaments on paying the appropriate entry fees.  The Associate Membership rate is £20 per person or £33 for two in the same household.  An Associate Member either must be normally resident in Scotland, or if eligible under the WCF regulations to represent Scotland, must have chosen so to do.

Affiliate Membership: Affiliates also receive the Yearbook, may attend General Meetings but do not have a vote, and if playing in SCA tournaments must pay a tribute of 50% on top of the basic entry fee for each event (unless it is their first SCA event).  However, residents outside Scotland who are full tournament members of another national association are treated as SCA members under the World Croquet Federation's reciprocal rights policy and are exempt from the tribute.  The Affiliate Membership rate is £10 per person or £16.50 for two in the same household.

Junior Membership: This is open to anyone under the age of 18 and confers the same privileges as Associate Membership with the exception of voting rights.  The subscription rate for a Junior Member is £4.


There are two different schemes under which clubs may affiliate to the SCA.

Club Affiliation:  Each club affiliated to the SCA pays £3.50 (£2.50 for school and college clubs) for each of its members, subject to a minimum of £20 (£10 for school and college clubs).  Membership numbers are calculated as at December 31st of the previous year, or, for new clubs, as at the date of affiliation.  [Note that when calculating membership numbers, all members should be counted, whether or not they are already individual members of the SCA.]

Clubs with their own liability insurance: Any club which does not require the SCA Public Liability Insurance cover may affiliate for a fee of £35 per lawn.


Membership enquiries should be addressed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..