Kinross 11+ Tournament 2015

1 June 2015, Kinross

There were five entrants to this year’s tournament: Brian Clark, Simon Robins, George Geis, Andrew Harvey and David Young. Unfortunately Brian Clark, last year’s winner, was unable to play due to a hand injury. His place was filled by one of Kinross’s new members, John Bryson, who found the experience instructive, but was, understandably,  unable to win any games.

The weather, as forecast, left a lot to be desired, although we did not get rained off at any time. The tournament was played in short croquet 14-point format with a time limit of one hour per game. Only three of the four planned rounds were played due to the black clouds approaching. So, with Simon Robins in an unassailable lead, he was declared the winner by mutual consent.

David Young