Edinburgh Tournament 2015 - day 4

Day 4 of the Edinburgh Tournament saw the resumption of events 1 to 3, as well as a number of ties in the 6Y Swiss event. The day started grey, but the sun progressively made headway against the clouds and it was casting long shadows and nullifying the bite of the wind when the last games were being played.

Event 1 has had no clear front runner. John Surgenor and Campbell Morrison will contest the final to be played on Saturday, having both won X games. If it is anything like their tie today (a ding-dong contest that eventually went 26-23 to John) it should make for excellent viewing.

The game between Alan and Peter ended dramatically. Alan hit everything for the first hour or more ending up on peg and 4-back v 1 and 3. He then failed to finish after Peter missed the lift and Peter gained the innings. He took a break round to peg and pegged out Alan’s ball leaving Alan for 4b v Peter for 3 and peg. In the three ball ending Alan managed to hit a wired leave by curling round the peg but didn’t progress and Peter took a 3 ball break round to 4b. Alan made 4b then Peter went from 4b to peg joined in corner 1, crucially forgetting Alan had a lift. Alan made his last two hoops but missed a final roquet to N boundary. Peter shot gently at partner but hilled off and Alan finished by hitting the peg from the boundary.

Event 2 has also been very closely fought with no-one surging ahead. Janice Duguid recorded two good wins, +24 against Allan Hawke first off and then +14 against Bob Darling before she lost on time to David Houston +10. David lost to Allan Hawke +19 and to Bob Darling +25. With Bob’s victory over Allan on Tuesday, it means that, with two wins each, Bob and Janice will contest the final. This will be played tomorrow (Friday).

In event 3, there were three resounding wins for Alastair Burn-Murdoch, +13 against Bob Cross with bisques standing, +13 against Hamish Duguid and +23 against Chris Martin with bisque standing. The last of these would have been completed within an hour had Alastair not uncharacteristically failed rover with his second ball. This only delayed the inevitable conclusion for 20 minutes or so with a bit of piff-paff.   But, with three convincing wins today, +15 against Jamieson Walker, +16 against Bob Cross, and +9 against Roger Binks, adding to his three wins on Tuesday, the kudos and the trophy goes to the undefeated Alistair Malcolm again. Congratulations Alistair.

In the 6Y Swiss event, a number of ties were played. Lyn Gilpin narrowly defeated Brian Cosford +3, while Rosemary Saunders Robertson beat Rachel +8, and Lyn +12. This means that the final of the 6Y Swiss event has shaped up to be an all Edinburgh final with Rosemary up against Alistair Burn-Murdoch. It will be played on Saturday morning.  However, arguably the result of the day also came in this event - Rachel Frith defeated Roger Binks by one hoop on time. Yesterday Rachel had voiced her frustration that none of her victorious opponents (and, let’s not beat about the bush, there’s been a few) had offered to buy her a drink. But Rachel did not follow their example and made sure to offer a commiseratory drink to Roger.

At the end of the day Alastair Burn-Murdoch’s handicap came down to 11

Just to give a quick summary of where we have got to:

  • Event 1 (open singles) Final, Surgenor v Morrision on Saturday pm
  • Event 2 (handicap singles 4+) Final, J Duguid v Hawke on Saturday pm.
  • Event 3 (handicap singles 8+) Winner, Alastair Malcolm. Runner up, Alastair Burn-Murdoch.
  • Event 4 (handicap singles 14+) K Wright v Gilpin on Friday pm
  • Event 5X (Handicap doubles) Final, Wilson/Martin v Gilpin/Houston on Saturday pm.
  • Event 5Y (Handicap doubles consolation) Final, Townsend/Williams v Malcolm/Young on Saturday pm.
  • Event 6X (Handicap singles knockout) Final, Hawke v Martin on Saturday am.
  • Event 6Y (Handicap singles Swiss) Final, Saunders Robertson v Burn-Murdoch on Saturday am. 
  • Event 7 (Golf croquet) starts tomorrow with probable final on Saturday am unless the finalists are already involved on finals.

If you are not playing, do please come to spectate. It should be very entertaining and the forecast is set fair. Should you need any more encouragement, I should add that Hamish will have replenished the bar.

Chris Martin