Wilkinson Sword 2006

11 June 2006, Glasgow


Geoff Caldwell (6), Maria Limonci (14) - Edinburgh
Steve Barnett (7), Robert Lay (11) - Glasgow
George Anderson (6), Jamieson Walker (7) - Meadows


Glasgow beat Meadows +7T (22-15)
Meadows beat Edinburgh +8T (23-15)
Glasgow beat Edinburgh +2T (21-19)

Glasgow 2 wins
Meadows 1
Edinburgh 0

Total hoops run:
Glasgow 43
Meadows 38
Edinburgh 29

The main excitement of the day was in the last few minutes of the game between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Glasgow appeared to be leading comfortably when Maria took off and made an excellent break but failed penult thus securing a 1 hoop lead over Glasgow.  A short skirmish left the Edinburgh balls on the yard-line near 1back about 7yds from Robert's ball.  Robert was for 2back and shot at the right-hand ball.  Time was called.  The ball was hit and a two ball break ensued which finally broke down at penult giving Glasgow their 2 hoop lead which was not eroded by Edinburgh's final shot.

Many turns ended in a blobbed hoop so Geoff is to be congratulated on cross-wiring Glasgow at Maria's hoop.

Robert Lay