Secretary Trophy 2006

29 July 2006, Meadows

The higher handicapped players had the better of it this year with Joe Lennon just pipping Mark Elliot.  There were seven players in all, which meant that two people (Mark and Jamieson Walker) had five games while the others (David Appleton, James Hopgood, Joe, Tony Whateley and Ian Wright) only had four.  The games were 14-point, time-limited to 90 minutes, played to advanced rules with bisques, the lift hoops being 3 and 5.  David was the most likely player to try the double peel but in fact he twice chose to make five hoops and leave all the balls in or near to corner four in an effort to extract bisques.  This was a partial success in that he won one game and lost the other.  Joe prevented the tactic by taking his first ball round and pegging it out; that was a complete success.

Thanks to James's mother for making lunch for us all!

David Appleton


Lennon (4/4) beat Appleton 14-7, Hopgood 13-9, Wright 14-6, Whateley 14-2
Elliot (4/5) beat Appleton 14-7, Hopgood 10-5, Walker 10-9, Whateley 11-8
Appleton (2/4) beat Walker 14-3, Wright 14-8
Hopgood (2/4) beat Walker 10-9, Whateley 14-2
Walker (2/5) beat Whateley 10-9, Wright 14-3
Wright (1/4) beat Elliot 14-5
Whateley (0/4)