SCA v Welsh CA 2006

22-23 July 2006, Meadows

The Scottish CA beat the Welsh CA 12-8 at the Meadows Club, Edinburgh, to regain the Celtic Shield.  Conditions were fairly difficult with very fast and dry lawns - unusual for Scotland.

The Welsh CA would like to thank the Scottish CA for the wonderful hospitality shown to them, especially Jamieson Walker for the superb meal laid on for all the players and guests at his house on the Saturday night.  The introduction of the haggis was excellent as was the haggis itself.

Chris Williams


(Scottish names first)


Chris Dent & Martin Stephenson beat David Arthur & Brian Shorney +23
Brian Murdoch & Jamieson Walker lost to Chris Williams & Mike Evans -18
Dent drew with Williams +17, -17tp
Murdoch beat Shorney +11T
Stephenson lost to Evans -23
Walker beat Arthur +5T
Murdoch beat Arthur +23
Stephenson beat Shorney +14
Walker beat Evans +14
(SCA 7 WCA 3)


Murdoch & Walker beat Arthur & Shorney +11T (22-11)
Alan Wilson & Fergus McInnes lost to Williams & Evans -16
McInnes lost to Williams -14
Murdoch beat Arthur +16
Wilson beat Evans +8T
Walker lost to Shorney -14T (9-23)
Murdoch lost to Williams -14
McInnes beat Arthur +22
Wilson lost to Shorney -4T (18-22)
Walker beat Evans +8T (23-15)

Final score: SCA 12, WCA 8


(by Ian Wright, Fergus McInnes and Joan Marshall)

Brian Murdoch runs 1-back

Brian's opponent Chris Williams not quite through hoop 5.

Action and inaction: Brian Shorney on the lawn, Fergus McInnes resting.

Brian Shorney plays a rush.

David Arthur in play against Fergus McInnes.

Fergus refereeing for Jamieson Walker.

Liz Williams as a typically attentive croquet spectator.

The teams at the end: Fergus McInnes with trophy, other Scots in blue (left to right Brian Murdoch, Jamieson Walker and Alan Wilson), Welsh players in multiple colours (left to right Mike Evans, Brian Shorney, Chris Williams and David Arthur).