Middle Bisquers 2006

17-18 June 2006, Meadows

This year's Middle Bisquers tournament covered a very wide range of handicaps, from David Appleton (4) to Joe Lennon and James Hopgood (both 14).

With seven entrants, the format on Saturday was one block of four and one block of three.  On Sunday the top two from each block played a knock-out, and the remaining three played in a block.

In Block A David Appleton won his games fairly evenly, finishing the day with a triple against Martin Stephenson, while Allan Hawke had fairly comfortable wins against Joe Lennon and Martin.

In Block B, on the other hand, all the games were close.  Jamieson Walker beat James Hopgood +6 on time.  The other two games were both won +4, and could have gone either way right up to the last turn.

Part way through Jamieson's second game, against Robert Lay, he said "Having won one game it does not really matter whether I win this game or not, since I am through to the knock-out tomorrow".  And then he thought "But who do I play if I lose?"  When he saw that would be David he said "I've got to win this game!", which he only just did.

On Sunday morning David comfortably beat Robert in the first round of the knock-out, and Jamieson beat Allan.  But he lost to David in the final.

The other three played a block which James won, with both games going to time.  Winning two games out of four in his first advanced play event, from a handicap of 14, was a very good result indeed.

As well as playing, Martin provided an excellent tea, augmented by one of Jamieson's renowned scones.

Ian Wright




Block A
David Appleton beat Allan Hawke +23, Joe Lennon +13 and Martin Stephenson +22TP
Allan Hawke beat Joe Lennon +7 and Martin Stephenson +12
Martin Stephenson beat Joe Lennon +10

Block B
Jamieson Walker beat James Hopgood +6t and Robert Lay +4
Robert Lay beat James Hopgood +4t


Knock-out for top two in each block
David Appleton beat Robert Lay +23
Jamieson Walker beat Allan Hawke +11

Final - David Appleton beat Jamieson Walker +19

Playoff for third place - Allan Hawke beat Robert Lay +10

James Hopgood beat Martin Stephenson 5t and Joe Lennon +3t
Martin Stephenson beat Joe Lennon +9

Below: presentation of the Adam Trophy.  (Left to right: Robert Lay, Allan Hawke, David Appleton, Martin Stephenson, Joe Lennon, James Hopgood.)