Meadows Open 2006

1-2 July 2006, Meadows

The 2006 Meadows Open was a six round Swiss.  Manager Fergus decided we should draw for first round opponents with the numbers meant for delineating bowls' ends and play began, all in the blue unclouded weather.

The lawns were well watered so playing easily.  No real excuses then for games going to time, or for the lack of TPs.  There were plenty of failed TPs though, including one from Martin against Duncan when he took off from after hoop 5 to behind the peelee (just through 4-b) and rushed it back into the jaws, doing only one more peel before breaking down at penult, and one from Rod where he ended up trying to leave his partner ball in the jaws of penult and instead sent it almost to the peg.  Rod later trumped these failed TPs with a failed sextuple, again with two peels done.  In the main results went with the form book.

During the course of the day a number of outplayers looked at an optician's chart set up on an easel about thirty yards away and decided it was much easier to read through binoculars with image stabilisers than without.  However, if you just walked up close to the easel then you didn't need binoculars at all.  Campbell dropped in with some sparkling booze, between long haul flights.

A gorgeous Saturday finished with an unscheduled barbecue, as most players finished their fourth round of games and tried to follow the football and the tennis, Martin finally defeating Fergus at about quarter to ten at night.

Martin woke up on Sunday with a sore wrist, which came on while he was in bed, and had to withdraw.  The rather touching concern from the other participants took the form of a string of predictably puerile jokes.  He was therefore able to provide a fuller than usual description of the decisive games.  I am sure many of you, like me, like to follow these things through on magnetic pocket chess sets you have painted green for the purpose.

The most amusing incident of the morning was when Bruce ran hoop 1 and 2 in the same turn but finished wired from his hoop two pioneer.  When the last round began, Bruce had won all his five games and Jane had one defeat.  If Jane beat Brian and David beat Bruce there would therefore be a 14 pt play-off.  Otherwise Bruce would retain the title.

Jane wins toss, goes in.  Brian chooses Green & Brown.
1. W std.
2. G 10 yd std tice.
3. P misses W from A baulk.
4. B misses G to II.
5. W starts break, but sticks in 3 off G with B at 2 and P at 4.
6. G hits W, sends W to 2, rushes B to 1, makes break, gets ref for hampered shot after 4 but OK, sticks in 5 leaving 4 balls near middle of lawn.
7. P hits W, sends it to 2, hits G and rushes B to 1, makes break to 4-b, Brian uses edging tool, slow cream whipping occurs, fails to get spread but makes OSL type leave with rush into lawn.
8. Lifts B from near peg, shoots at G, misses to II.
9. W makes 3 off P, rushes to N bdy, takes off to B, sends B to 5, rushes G 4 yds SSE of peg, doesn't get pos'n at 4 (sending G to S bdy) retires behind P.
10. G hits B solidly, goes to W, rushes P 5 yds ENE of 5, makes it and break, after 6 rushes W into back of 6, leads to no good 3-b pioneer but G to 4-b with "OK" spread.
11. Lifts P from near 2, hits B shooting down yd line.  P to Peg.  Leaves B halfway between 1 and 2, G 4 yds E of 6, W wired from end of A baulk, P not, with rush to 4.
12. Lifts B, shoots at G from end of B Baulk (making double with P ?), hits.  Sends G towards 3, W to 4, rushes P to 1 then to 4, sends W to 3, rushes G to 2, approaches sending G deep and well East, bounces off.
13. Lifts W from jaws of 3, hits G, sends it to 5, finishes.

Apple wins toss, goes in.  Bruce chooses U and K.
1. Y std.
2. U II.
3. R joins Y (didn't look like a shot, but you can't always tell with Apple).
4. K misses to IV.
5. Rushes R near IV, K to 1, blobs simple hoop.
6. Makes 1, rushes Y to middle of S bdy, gets rush on R to 3, makes 2 from II off U.  Goes to 4-b with spread.  (U goes off in last turn so leaves 5 yd rush).
7. Lifts Y (near hoop 2), narrowly misses U to IV.
8. Usual pick up, doesn't get escape ball far enough N for 4-b peel before 6, peels after 6 (nearly off N bdy).  R is well N of 1-b and rushes Y (escape ball) too close to it, so no 2-b pioneer, but gets good rush on Y sending R most of way to 3-b, makes 3-b, "that's a shame, I'd have liked a lift with K in baulk" says Apple, Bruce misses R from short range after 3-b to N bdy behind 2.  "I wasn't trying to cut it.".
9. Lifts R, rushes K towards U, U to middle of lawn Y to 1, makes break, sticks in easy 2-b off Y.
10. Lifts U (was 3-b pioneer).  Hits Y to middle of lawn, sends it to penult, rushes K to 4-b.  Goes to peg with OSL, Y 7 yds NNW 1, R 6 yds ENE peg.
11. Lifts R to A-baulk, misses K.
12. Doesn't get good rush to Y, finishes anyway.

Shortly after there was thunder and lightning (very, very frightening), heavily the low sky raining, which caused standing water to appear - much the worst incident of this since the club moved to the Meadows [see the photos] - and the remaining games to be abandoned.

There was nothing left to do but award Bruce the muffin dish, Jane the biscuit plate, to eat James' excellent tea (the cream whipping having been accelerated) and to get more and more drunk as the afternoon progressed.

Thanks to everyone concerned, especially the non-playing Charlotte, who made so many trips to the off licence she worried she might be getting a reputation (as if!).

Martin Stephenson



Day 1:

Jamieson Walker bt Duncan Reeves +15
Jane Shorten bt David Appleton +18
Bruce Rannie bt Fergus McInnes +15
James Hopgood bt Robert Lay +5t (17-12)
Alan Wilson bt Martin Stephenson +9
Rod Williams bt Brian Murdoch +8

Jane Shorten bt Jamieson Walker +2
Bruce Rannie bt James Hopgood +25
Rod Williams bt Alan Wilson +6t (24-18)
David Appleton bt Duncan Reeves +20
Fergus McInnes bt Robert Lay +7t (19-12)
Brian Murdoch bt Martin Stephenson +6

Bruce Rannie bt Jane Shorten +26
Rod Williams bt Jamieson Walker +26
James Hopgood bt Alan Wilson +6t (16-10)
David Appleton bt Fergus McInnes +16
Martin Stephenson bt Duncan Reeves +14
Brian Murdoch bt Robert Lay +11

Bruce Rannie bt Rod Williams +1
Alan Wilson bt Jamieson Walker +6
Martin Stephenson bt Fergus McInnes +3
Robert Lay bt Duncan Reeves +20

Day 2:

Brian Murdoch bt David Appleton +5
Jane Shorten bt James Hopgood +17

Bruce Rannie bt Brian Murdoch +11
Jane Shorten bt Rod Williams +17
David Appleton bt Alan Wilson +14
Jamieson Walker bt Robert Lay +13
Fergus McInnes bt Duncan Reeves +22
(James Hopgood v Martin Stephenson unfinished - Stephenson withdrew injured)

Bruce Rannie bt David Appleton +19
Jane Shorten bt Brian Murdoch +16
(Alan Wilson v Fergus McInnes unfinished - lawn flooded)
(James Hopgood v Jamieson Walker unfinished - lawn flooded)
(Duncan Reeves v Robert Lay unfinished - lawn flooded)

Final standings:
Rannie 6/6
Shorten 5/6
Williams 3/5
Appleton 3/6
Murdoch 3/6
Hopgood 2/4
Stephenson 2/4
Wilson 2/5
Walker 2/5
McInnes 2/5
Lay 1/5
Reeves 0/5


Martin Stephenson on the first peel of a triple attempt on Saturday afternoon.

A hint of sunshine on Sunday morning (Duncan Reeves in play).

Sunday afternoon:

James and Jamieson continue their game while the rest take shelter from the rain ...

And still it comes.

After the deluge.