East v West of Scotland 2006

3-4 June 2006, Meadows

The annual East-West match, instituted in 2003, has always been a varied event, with a mixture of level advanced and handicap play, and usually a few one-ball or 14-point games thrown in.  This year it became still more so with the addition of Golf Croquet, which widened its appeal to include some newish Meadows Club members who had never taken part in a tournament before.  The remainder of the tried-and-trusted recipe was retained from previous years: no entry fee, no counting of results for index points, plenty of food and drink and a relaxed convivial atmosphere.

Saturday's programme was a mixture of Association and Golf Croquet throughout, mostly to handicap rules, with each Association game counting for two points in the match score, and each Golf game for one point.  Two one-ball games were also played, and counted for half a point each.  The score at the end of the day was close, and appropriate for a Scottish battle: 13-14 in favour of the West.  A delicious lunch provided by Charlotte Townsend (not playing because of an injured elbow) and a carry-out dinner in the pavilion (Kurdish and Indian, plus chips!) contributed to the enjoyment of the day.

Sunday began with two Association games, but from 11am onwards most of the games were Golf Croquet.  Charlotte again catered magnificently at lunch time, and also helped with afternoon tea by laying out the scones and cakes brought by Fergus McInnes, who was engaged in a close doubles game at the critical time.  The West won all Sunday's Golf Croquet games, and some of the Association Croquet, to strengthen its lead and achieve a final score of 25 points to the East's 19.

The star of the East was James Hopgood, who won all his singles games - three Association and two Golf - and did a bisque-assisted triple peel against Rod Williams on the Sunday afternoon.  On Association games the East had the advantage (8 games to 5), but the Golf Croquet tipped the overall balance to the West.  To some extent this could be attributed to the immature state of Scottish Golf Croquet handicapping, which seemed to favour the more experienced players over the novices (who were all on the East side); but also the West team included two former World Championship Golf Croquet players - Rod Williams and Jamieson Walker - who were always going to be hard to beat.

Fergus McInnes


(East names first; asterisked games played level, others handicap; some names and handicaps yet to be filled in)

Day One:

Association Croquet:
James Hopgood (14) beat Ian Wright (9)  +14T (22-8)
Chris Soper (20) lost to Duncan Reeves (12)  -19
Fergus McInnes (3) lost to Tony Whateley (16)  -26
Chris Soper lost to Rod Williams (1.5)  -11
* Allan Hawke (10) beat Ian Wright  +2T (19-17)
* Fergus McInnes beat David Appleton  +15
* Allan Hawke beat Jamieson Walker (7)  +9
James & Matthew Woodward (20) beat Ian & Duncan  +10T (16-6)

Golf Croquet:
Betty Hudson (6) lost to Rod Williams (1)  3-7
Matthew Woodward (6) lost to Tony Whateley (3)  3-7
Betty Hudson lost to Tony Whateley  4-7
Matthew Woodward lost to Rod Williams  5-7
Betty & Matthew lost to Tony & Rod  3-7
* James Hopgood beat Duncan Reeves  7-4
Matthew Woodward lost to Jamieson Walker (5)  1-7
Matthew Woodward lost to Duncan Reeves (??)  5-7
James Hopgood (??) beat Jamieson Walker  7-4
Chris Soper beat Tony Whateley 7-5

Unidentified Easterner(s) lost to Unidentified Westerner(s)  -4
* Fergus McInnes lost to Rod Williams  -3

Day Two:

Association Croquet:
James Hopgood (14) beat David Appleton (4)  +26
Fergus McInnes (3) lost to Duncan Reeves (12)  -6T (15-21)
James Hopgood beat Rod Williams (1.5)  +26TP
Fergus & Kay Lucas (20) lost to Ian (9) & Duncan  -1T (15-16)
Allan Hawke (10) beat David Appleton  +2

Golf Croquet:
Kay Lucas (6) lost to Ian Wright (??)  4-7
Jola Jurasinska (7) lost to Rod Williams (1?)  1-7
Jola Jurasinska lost to Jamieson Walker (5)  1-7
Kay Lucas lost to Jamieson Walker  3-7
James & Allan lost to Rod & Jamieson  5-7
Jola & Allan lost to Ian & David (??)  2-7
Jola Jurasinska lost to Jamieson Walker  3-7

Final scores:
East 19, West 25