Scottish Masters 2006

27-28 May 2006, Meadows

New Winner of Scottish Masters Shock!

Well, not really.  In the previous fifteen years of its existence there have been eleven different winners and since only one of them was taking part this year the tradition was quite likely to continue.  Very unfortunately the tournament, as sometimes in the past, clashed with the CA's Inter-counties weekend, and this meant the absence of several home-based and Northumberland-based players (including previous winners Gail Curry and Bruce Rannie) who might otherwise have been expected to play, as well as virtually eliminating any chance of attracting low-handicap visitors from further south of the border (like previous winners Ian Bond and Strat Liddiard).

Add in holder Charlotte Townsend's inability to defend her title because of a bad elbow, Rod Williams' chronic wrist problem, John Surgenor's commitment to work and Andy Campbell's to family (all previous winners) and it becomes clear why there were only six participants.  Although scheduled to be played in Glasgow the event was moved to Meadows where the players benefited by being able to shelter from occasional hard rain and also by having Jamieson Walker's excellent lunches.

The format was all-play-all; in the event of two players tying there would be a play-off, while points scored would count if there were more players in the tie.  In the event, after four rounds we knew there would be no play-off and there were still five possible winners: Fergus McInnes had three wins, David Appleton, Tony Brightman, Jamieson Walker and Robert Lay two each and only Joe Lennon was out of the reckoning with one.  By beating David +4 in a close end-game Fergus added the Masters to the Chairman's Rosebowl he won at the end of last year.  He'll have his work cut out to complete the set by taking the Scottish Open.

Conversation over the weekend ranged widely, from John Prescott's possible croquet prowess to the values of log z / Öz in the complex plane.  At one point I thought the headline for this report would be "Charlotte retains Masters trophy" but in fact she turned up with it in time for it to be presented to Fergus.

David Appleton



Fergus McInnes 4 wins: beat Jamieson Walker +14, David Appleton +4, Tony Brightman +11, Joe Lennon +23.
Robert Lay 3 wins: beat Fergus McInnes +23, David Appleton +24, Joe Lennon +21.
Jamieson Walker 3 wins: beat Robert Lay +10, Tony Brightman +20, Joe Lennon +3T (19-16).
David Appleton 2 wins: beat Jamieson Walker +15, Joe Lennon +20.
Tony Brightman 2 wins: beat David Appleton +2T (21-19), Robert Lay +2T (21-19).
Joe Lennon 1 win: beat Tony Brightman +1T (24-23).