Edinburgh Tournament 2017 - Day 6

Today was golf croquet day - 9 players, all play all, and a surprise winner. George Plant, who taught himself the game (AC) from a book forty years ago and hasn't played since until he joined Meadows CC about a month ago, took the honours. In the process he managed to run two 25 yard hoops and use a jump shot to good effect. Congratulations, George.

In the AC games there were also some surprises. In Event 1, James Hopgood, a favourite for the final, lost to Graham Brightwell and then to Alastair Burn-Murdoch. This leaves Alastair to play John Surgenor for a place in the final tomorrow against Campbell Morrison. Both matches should be well worth watching.

In Event 2, Allan Hawke, who beat Bob Darling yesterday in the round robin, lost to him today in the event final. It was a strange match. Bob got off to a good start, while Allan grew increasingly frustrated at his poor play and missed opportunities. Then he found his form and got round to peg one of Bob's balls out. However, Bob managed to pick up a three ball break and in the end won by 6 points.

The other day I wrote about 'fat lady' games, where one side seems to be well behind but then comes good and wins. We've had several of those, in both singles and doubles. The manager describes them as 'back from the dead' situations, so I’ve decided to call them 'Lazarus games'.

In Event 3 John Campbell beat Hamish Duguid to win Event 3 with 5 wins from 5 games (and reduce his handicap from 10 to 9). Congratulations to John.

Yet another final played today was in the handicap 'Swiss' (6Y) between Alan Wilson and James Thomson. Alan emerged triumphant despite all the distractions of managerial and refereeing duties. However, James deserves a special prize for the croquet crack of the week: if two balls are close together and you roquet one with the other in a straight line, it’s called a dolly rush; so if you play the roquet but the balls go off in different directions is it known as a 'Dolly Parting'?

Which brings us to yesterday's quotation quiz. The winner of the chocolate bar was Janice Duguid, who correctly guessed two of the three quotes. 'Exciting split shots' was said separately and independently by two people - Rachel Frith and Bob Cross. 'Most boring game ever' was said, almost in unison, by Jola Jurasinska and Jamieson Walker. And 'knit me a hankie' was said by yours truly.

Saturday's morning games are:

Alastair Burn-Murdoch v John Surgenor (see above)
Lyn Gilpin v James Thomson in the final of Event 4
Joe Lennon v Kevin Wright in the final of Event 6X

and from 1.15

Final of Event 1 - Campbell Morrison v Alastair or John
Doubles final - Brian Durward and James Thomson v Rosemary S Robertson and Alan Wilson
Consolation doubles final - Allan Hawke and Bob Darling v Morven and Bob Cross

Please note there will be no lunches provided on Saturday, but there will be the usual finals day tea in the afternoon, followed by the presentation of trophies.

Allan Hawke