West of Scotland Championship 2017

30 September - 1 October 2017, Knightswood

The really awful wet conditions leading up to the West of Scotland Handicap Championship resulted in the event being reduced to a single day event.  Lorna Dewar with three wins and one draw deservedly won the West of Scotland after being undefeated.  As a result of the weather the tournament was played using the Egyptian format with 18-point games lasting two hours.  Most competitors had four games on the Saturday but some withdrew after two of the lawns developed standing water and were unplayable.  It was possible to conclude the event with a final played between Lorna Dewar and Jamieson Walker (last year's winner).  Despite the conditions Lorna played really well and completed the final on-time and ended up winning 18-5.

The weekend had an entry of 14 players and for the first time was played using all four of the Knightswood lawns.  It was a real pity that the weather had such a damaging effect on the event but despite the soggy lawns 15 games went to the peg.

Brian Durward, Manager


  Points Wins Beat
Lorna Dewar 112 Rosemary Saunders Robertson +2T, Alistair Malcolm +13, Lyn Gilpin (draw), Jamieson Walker +13
Jamieson Walker 108 3 Jola Jurasinska +11, Richard Sparrow +8, John Owen +8
Alistair Malcolm 108 3 Robert Lay +9, Richard Sparrow +9, John Owen +3T
Joe Lennon 107 2 Brian Cosford +2T, Rosemary Saunders Robertson +6
Lyn Gilpin 102 James Thomson +7, Roger Binks +8, Lorna Dewar (draw)
John Owen 100 2 Roger Binks +10, Lyn Gilpin +4T
Brian Cosford 100 1 Roger Binks +9
Brian Durward 100 1 Robert Lay +6
James Thomson 100 1 Jola Jurasinska +9
Robert Lay 96 Roger Binks +12, Richard Sparrow (draw)
Richard Sparrow 96 Brian Durward +9, Robert Lay (draw)
Jola Jurasinska 92 0  
Rosemary Saunders Robertson 92 0  
Roger Binks 86 0  

Note: draws were possible because time limits were operated using a strict guillotine.


The winner, Lorna Dewar

James Thomson, I presume!