SCA v CA 2017

2-3 September 2017, Meadows

The annual match between the SCA and CA took place on the weekend of 2-3 September at the Meadows.  The playing conditions were excellent and the ground crew of the club must be complimented on the condition of the lawns.

The format played was two rounds of doubles and three rounds of singles, with the top three players playing each other once at singles and the same for the bottom three.   Scotland took a slim lead winning two doubles matches on Saturday morning, but the English came roaring back in the first round of singles.  Scotland rallied in the next round and at the end of the day the CA were ahead by 8 games to 7.   We adjourned to Henricks where we enjoyed a fine meal and good company.

Sunday morning saw the CA take two  of the doubles matches and stretch their lead.  The final singles round saw two tp's.  The first came from Craig Winfield who struggled through rover making hoop and roquet but he still finished his tp with an excellent combination peg out.   Eugene Chang completed his second tp of the weekend with a sixth turn tp against John Surgenor.

The CA won the event 14 - 10.

I must thank Rachel Frith and Tony Brightman in coming to the aid of the club by offering accommodation when they were not involved with the match, and also Rachel for the Sunday tea.

John Surgenor
Players and handicaps

David Magee -1 Eugene Chang 0
John Surgenor 0 Andrew Killick 1
Brian Durward 5 Craig Winfield 1
Bob Darling 5 Charles Waterfield 2
David Houston 5 Roger Staples 3
Rosemary Saunders Robertson 7 Barry Keen 4



David Magee & David Houston lost to Eugene Chang & Roger Staples -4T (16-20)
John Surgenor & Rosemary Saunders Robertson beat Andrew Killick & Charles Waterfield +4T (22-18)
Brian Durward & Bob Darling beat Craig Winfield & Barry Keen +1T (18-17)

David McGee lost to Eugene Chang -9
John Surgenor beat Andrew Killick +10T (24-14)
Brian Durward lost to Craig Winfield -24
David Houston lost to Charles Waterfield -12T (6-18)
Bob Darling lost to Roger Staples -8T (16-24)
Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to Barry Keen -1T (19-20)

David Magee beat Andrew Killick +10
John Surgenor beat Craig Winfield +11
Brian Durward lost to Eugene Chang -26tp
David Houston beat Roger Staples +6T (22-16)
Bob Darling beat Barry Keen +7T (23-16)
Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to Charles Waterfield -1


David Magee & David Houston beat Andrew Killick & Charles Waterfield +4T (20-16)
John Surgenor & Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to Craig Winfield & Barry Keen -3T (15-18)
Brian Durward & Bob Darling lost to Eugene Chang & Roger Staples -6T (17-23)

David Magee lost to Craig Winfield -7tp
John Surgenor lost to Eugene Chang -26tp
Brian Durward lost to Andrew Killick -24
Bob Darling beat Charles Waterfield +3T (20-17)
David Houston beat Barry Keen +1T (20-19)
Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to Roger Staples -11