Student GC Championships 2017

8-9 April 2017, Sheffield

The first – and soon to be annual – British Student Golf Croquet Championships were held in Sheffield and could boast the most appropriate weather imaginable. Teams from across the country – notably two from Scotland, our three players from St Andrews and another team from the University of Edinburgh came to the lawn at Parkhead Cricket club to compete in in singles and doubles over almost two full days. Naturally the University of Sheffield managed to put forward the highest numbers of players, and good teams were present from the universities of Nottingham, Cambridge and a few others.

The championship was hugely successful and good tournament planning allowed every single player more than just their fair share of playing. It should be noted that for the singles players were split into two groups that would then go on to put forward the best players for the final stages of the tournament that were held in a knock-out system. Doubles were played in a similar manner. Whilst none of our players managed to get beyond the group stages of the tournament (albeit this was a close call for some of us), all three of them considered the tournament to be hugely successful, not simply for having played rather good for being newcomers to GC but even more so for being able to build rapport with other university clubs and agree on future fixtures and visits.

Besides playing the game, our hosts managed to put up an impressive social programme, including a dinner and even a “Pub Golf Croquet”, which allowed players to get to know each other and create a network in the fast-growing sphere of university croquet clubs.

The University of St Andrews CC is happy to say that individual members have picked up a taste of GC and have decided to introduce it to the wider ranks of the club in the coming academic year. On behalf of the players and committee we are all thankful for the support we received from the Scottish Croquet Association without which this trip would not have been possible.

Stephan Maier, University of Saint Andrews Croquet Club

Singles results
Doubles results