Edinburgh Tournament 2017 - Day 5

Only fitful sunshine today, mainly grey and cool with it. But the croquet kept you warm, provided you were playing and not just watching. Doubles all the way except for a few late matches in Events 1 and 6Y.

The 'dream team' in the doubles (if you didn't guess, it was Alan Wilson and Rosemary S Robertson), won through three rounds, defeating Graham Brightwell and Brian Cosford, Allan Hawke and Bob Darling, and John Surgenor and George Plant. In both the latter games Alan and Rosemary came from behind with a late surge to win by a few points on time. In the final on Saturday they will meet Brian Durward and James Thomson. In the consolation doubles Y final Allan Hawke and Bob Darling will meet Bob and Morven Cross.

To those who were used to the doubles at Fettes it came as a surprise to see that three games were finished before lunch, and without going to time. Perhaps the faster lawns accounted for this, or perhaps the need to keep moving to escape the chill breeze. Doubles games are notorious for going to time and in fact 6 of the 14 games played today did so.

In other events, Campbell Morrison is through to the final of Event 1, his opponent to be decided tomorrow. Event 2 has produced a final to be played between Bob Darling and Allan Hawke on Friday. Event 3 could yet have a final or there may be a clear winner. Event 4's final is between James Thomson and Lyn Gilpin. Also on Friday there's the final of the handicap Swiss, between Alan Wilson and James Thomson . (James is going to be much in demand for finals.)

In the late Event 1 games today, Alistair Malcolm beat Campbell Morrison, and Jane Morrison, dashing from work at 6pm, came 'back from the dead' to beat Andrew Symons.

It’s interesting picking up comments from participants or spectators. Can you guess who said the following? A special prize of a Green & Black's chocolate bar to anyone who can identify all three of the following. If you recognise your own comment you're not eligible to enter.

"My split shots are always exciting. I never know quite where the balls are going."

"That was the most boring game of croquet I’ve ever played."

"Rachel, knit me a hankie to mop up my tears."

On Friday, Events 1 and 3 continue and the golf croquet will be played, possibly to a conclusion.

Finally, if golf is 'a good walk spoiled', what is croquet? A good sleep spoiled? The manager might well think so. Poor soul didn't get home until 10.30 this evening.

Allan Hawke