Edinburgh Tournament 2017 - Day 3

Day 3 dawned bright and sunny and, surprise, surprise, stayed that way - all day. There was a mixture of games, mainly from Events 1, 2 and 4.

In Event 1, leading the field at the moment is Campbell Morrison on 3 wins, closely followed by James Hopgood, Alan Wilson, Andrew Symons and Jane Morrison on 2 wins each. No more triple peels today but James had everything beautifully set up for a sextuple - opponent’s balls wired at hoop 1, his own balls laid up in corner 3. But it was not to be. Two attempts failed through overrunning a hoop approach and blobbing a hoop. But he still came out the winner by +15.

In Event 2 Rosemary Saunders Robertson is on 3 wins, with Brian Durward, Bob Darling and Allan Hawke on 2. Rosemary and Allan had an exciting finish to their game ("fraught" Rosemary called it), which Rosemary eventually won 25-23 when time had been called. This was exactly the same result as Brian Durward’s against David Houston. All to play for tomorrow when all five contenders are in play.

In Event 4 James Thomson had 3 wins out of 3, which puts him in contention alongside Lorna Dewar and Lyn Gilpin.

Meanwhile in the handicap event, the finalists having been settled as reported yesterday, the 6Y Swiss trundles on, filling in the gaps in the schedule and coming into glory at the end of the week.

Handicap changes today: Alastair Burn-Murdoch from 3 to 2½; Bob Darling from 6 to 5. Congratulations to both.

Not many 'funnies' to report today, apart from the manager’s car alarm going off in mid-play. In fact, so desperate was I for something to report that a newer member of the club, there to spectate, offered to do a streak across the lawns - I declined. Then a screech of brakes and Andrew Symons rushed in to complete a game against Alan Wilson which had been pegged down for the night because Andrew had an important bridge event to play in. However, the bridge turned out to be cancelled so he hared back. "A bridge too far", commented James Thomson.

Allan Hawke