Induction Process

This process shall be adopted by the SCA Executive Committee.

Process for SCA Officers

  1. After the AGM each year, the SCA Officers will meet to review the current SCA's governance procedures and workflow. This will include notifying new officers of the SCA Constitution and all SCA policies, including (but not limited to) Equality and Diversity, Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Anti-Doping, Expense Policies, and all Governance Policies.
  2. Undertake a “disclosure of interests” audit, as per the Conflict of Interest Policy.
  3. The meeting outlined in 1.1 will be used to bring new Officers up to speed on current topics. Recent Executive Committee minutes and the knowledge of existing Officers on the Executive will be used as the basis for this meeting.
  4. Where possible, incoming officers will have individual meetings with their outgoing counterpart, and be provided with an appropriate handover in terms of crucial documents and materials not currently on the SCA repository. It is not reasonable to expect all documents to be handed over in one meeting, and this may be an ongoing process.
  5. The incoming officer will be expected to investigate all procedures and request information regarding activities related to their position. Such information will be obtained from the collective knowledge of the wider Croquet community.