Expenses Policy - Executive

The SCA pays expenses to SCA officers and members of the executive committee for any items of expense incurred and the cost of attending meetings related to SCA business. Sometimes these expenses are paid and sometimes the expense is waived and donated to the SCA. If any officer or member wishes to claim expenses during the year please let me have supporting documentation (train tickets, receipts etc.) and your bank details and the claim will be paid promptly. If mileage is incurred, please send me an email detailing the dates and mileage. (We have decided on a rate of 20p per mile.)  Subsistence may be claimed in exceptional circumstances. It would be a good idea to keep a running total of this if you intend to only claim/donate at the year end.

Officers are expected to be frugal with their expenditure and we would encourage the use of phone or video-conferencing, low cost public transport, accommodation and car sharing.

This policy will be reviewed from time to time.