SCA Handicap Singles 2017

The players in each match are jointly responsible for arranging it, but the first-named player has the casting vote in the choice of venue.  The winner should report the result without delay to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matches should be arranged as soon as possible.  Deadlines will be strictly enforced.  If a result is not obtained and reported to the manager by the stated date then both players are liable to be eliminated.  In case of difficulty in arranging a tie, contact the manager promptly (well before the relevant deadline).

* These rounds may be revised (“married”) depending on the number of different players remaining.

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Glasgow Open 2017

22-23 April 2017, Knightswood

The Glasgow Open took place at Knightswood, the new home of Glasgow Croquet Club, over the weekend of 22-23 April. Sadly this year the entries were reduced, with only 5 entered. Campbell and Jane came and swelled the numbers on Saturday but unfortunately could not manage the Sunday due to a commitment at Balgreen. The weather was kind sunny dry and fairly warm in fact two players were complaining of sunburn on their unprotected heads on Sunday morning.

John Campbell, a relatively high handicapper from Argyll (Tarbert), came and joined the event in order to learn more about advanced rules. He coped well managing to win two games.

Campbell Morrison won all three of his matches on Saturday, just scraping by in the match against John Surgenor +1 on time. He would probably have won the event had he been able to compete on the Sunday but as his commitment to Balgreen took precedence this let John retain the trophy having 4 wins from 5 games.

John Surgenor, Manager

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