Welsh CA Match

SCA v Welsh CA – The Celtic Shield

Trophy:  A Celtic Shield donated by Wing Commander Bryn Lewis.

In 1995 the Scottish Croquet Association had a first encounter with the Croquet Association of Wales, which they lost.  Matches took place every year until 1998 and every two years until 2010.  The interval between matches will now be three years.  The scores reflect the numbers of games played.  The current match score is SCA 4, WCA 4, Drawn 2 – there has not been an away win in the series so far.

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Wilkinson Sword

Trophy: donated by Wilkinson Sword Ltd in 1979.

Stop Press in the Bulletin No 15, April 1979:

Wilkinson Sword recently advertised that they were going to make available 300 full-size mounted swords for amateur sporting leagues or associations to offer as prizes for club competition, and they were being offered for only ten per cent of the £200 value (excluding post and packing, and VAT).

Out of 3,189 firm applications we have been fortunate enough to secure one which will be competed for on Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 June, 1979.  The sword will be engraved “Scottish Croquet Association Inter-Club Championship” and, while the details have still to be worked out, the tournament will be handicap doubles, probably one pair from each club and probably an American tournament with a play-off as a Final.  It is hoped that this can be held at the Edinburgh Croquet Club at their court at Morningside Park.

With any luck we may be able to get a representative of Wilkinson Sword to make the presentation to the winning club.  This trophy has enabled us to have an inter-club competition, which several people have wanted, without in any way spoiling our fairly easy-going friendly matches, so we hope this new competition will get off to a good start with the right sort of weather and plenty of spectators.

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West of Scotland Championship

Trophy:  Donated by the SCA.

It is presumed that this tournament was started in 1983 under the auspices of the West of Scotland Committee, a gathering of clubs in the West, to replace the defunct Autumn Weekend, which had moved into the summer months because of poor October weather and bad drainage at the Glasgow club venue of the time, but there is no formal record to confirm this.

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