Basil Townsend Quaich

Donated by Charlotte Townsend.

An Inter-Club handicap singles event.  Each club will nominate one representative and the format will depend on the number of entries.  This competition took the place of the Piersland Bowl, mentioned above.  The Quaich was donated by Charlotte Townsend in memory of her late husband, Basil, who had died on 26 February, 1992.

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CA Eights

Many Scottish players have taken part in the CA Selection Events over the years.  They are all played under advanced rules and usually held towards the end of the season.  The competitors play each of the other seven players twice in the tournament.

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CAI Match

Trophy:  A Lignum Vitae Mallet Head surmounted by a Sterling Silver Croquet Set donated by David Appleton in 1989.

In 1987 the Scottish Croquet Association had a first encounter with the Croquet Association of Ireland, which they narrowly lost.  Matches have taken place every year since then. In 1990, 1995 and from 2004 the scores reflect the numbers of games played; otherwise the number of best-of-three matches.  The current match score is SCA 11, CAI 13, Drawn 2.

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CA Match

Trophy:  A Pewter Quaich donated by the Sports Council of Glasgow

The Scottish Croquet Association started to meet a team from the Croquet Association (England) in 1975.  From 1980, with the introduction of the Home Internationals, this was definitely an SCA team, whereas for the first few years it was “Scotland v England Select”.  Up to 2006, the scores reflect the number of best-of-three matches; from 2007 the scores reflect the number of games played. The current match score is SCA 15, CA 20, Drawn 1.

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Canada Match

Trophy:     Maple Shield

This match was first played at Bush in 1998, and was played every two years until 2006.  Then it was planned to be played every three years, but in 2009, Scotland could not raise a team, so the next match was in 2012.  Scotland drew in 2002 but every other match has been won by Canada.

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