Edinburgh Tournament - Lauder Bowl

Lauder Bowl: person getting furthest without winning a trophy

Edinburgh Tournament Report, 1980, includes:

The unluckiest player of the week was Mrs Margaret Lauder who played more games than anyone else, but all she had to show for it at the end of the week was to be runner-up in the Milne Trophy (‘Y’ event of the Big Handicap).  On her way to this relatively undistinguished finish she had reached the final of the Draw in the Open event beating the winner of the Process on the way – likewise she had eliminated the winner of the Draw in the first round of the Process.  In the Doubles, she and her partner, Geoff Roy, had good wins in the first two rounds but suffered an unfortunate narrow defeat on time in the semi-finals.  Beaten in the first round of the Big Handicap she survived to the final of the ‘Y’ only to fall victim to Donald Lamont.

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Edinburgh Tournament - Silver Jubilee Salver

Handicap Singles for handicap 8 and over (since 1987) (Silver Jubilee Salver)

Originally this event was for handicaps 3 and over, and was a handicap event.  The Silver Jubilee Salver was donated by members of Edinburgh CC in 1975 (the 25th anniversary of the Club’s formation) – prior to that there had been no permanent trophy. 

From 1977 it was Level Singles handicap 3 and over (unless otherwise stated). 

From 1987, on the introduction of the Ian H. Wright Trophy for advanced play for handicaps 4 and over, this trophy was for the Level Singles event for handicaps 8 and over.

From 1988, it reverted to handicap play for handicaps 8 and over.

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European Teams Championship

Trophy:  The Murray-Jones Trophy, a Silver Cup presented by Max Murray (Australia) and Charles Jones (New Zealand).

In 2011, Jersey, Scotland, Ireland and England qualified for the semi-finals from a six-round Swiss competition with twelve countries.  The final stages were best-of-three for the two AC matches and best-of-five for the GC match.  Jersey beat England 2-1, and Scotland beat Ireland 2-1 in the semi-finals.  Jersey beat Scotland 2-1 in the final.  James Hopgood beat Tony le Moignan +15tp, +10, Martin Murray lost to Richard Griffiths -13, +4, -1 and Campbell Morrison lost to Matt Burrow (GC) 2-7, 3-7, 1-7.  The Griffiths-Murray third game lasted 3½ hours, either player having several chances to win, or lose, with Martin’s missed pegout being the final straw as Richard hit the fifteen-yard shot to clinch the win +1 and the trophy for Jersey.

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