Chairman's Rosebowl

Trophy:  A Silver Rosebowl donated by R.O. Calder.

The Chairman’s Rosebowl is an invitation event for the six best available players in the SCA.  It is played under advanced rules and usually held towards the end of the season.  The competitors play each other twice in a three-day weekend tournament.

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Croquet North Match

Trophy:  The Newcastle Breweries challenge trophy, which is a replica beer-pump.

The match started in 1991, as an annual match between a “B” side from SCA and a Croquet North Select side.  Croquet North is the Federation of Croquet Clubs in North East England, covering Northumberland, Durham, North Yorkshire, and in the beginning of this period, Cumbria.  In 1992, Bruce Rannie obtained a small amount of sponsorship from Newcastle Breweries, including a replica beer pump which is used as the perpetual trophy.  After six matches, the fixture stalled for a further six years, but was revived in 2003 and has been played annually since then.

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Edinburgh Midweek Tournament

This handicap singles tournament is open to players who have never had a handicap below 16, and is particularly intended for those who do not usually play in other tournaments.  (The handicap restriction was introduced in 1998.)  The usual restriction of handicaps to a maximum of 20 does not apply to this event.

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East v West Match

Trophy:  The Piersland Rosebowl.
(The trophy was rediscovered and purchased for the SCA by Malcolm Smith in 2001.)

This event was introduced to mark the 2003 opening of the National Croquet Centre at Meadows West.  It is intended to be a fun event and to encourage participation by a wide range of players.  Results do not count for the Automatic Handicap System or for the ranking system.  Qualification to play for either team can be by club membership or by residence (present or past).  The match will comprise all variants of the game, including level advanced play, handicap play and golf croquet. 

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Edinburgh Tournament

The first Edinburgh Week tournament was held in 1969 at Dunfermline College of Physical Education at Cramond, and the tournament was revived and became an annual event in 1972.  It moved to Fettes College in 1981, when the club ‘found a new venue on the cricket fields which promises to provide a playing surface equal to or better than that used at most Scottish croquet clubs’.  It is always held during the Edinburgh International Festival.

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