WCF World AC Team Championship

WCF World Team Championship

Holder:       Tier 2 Division 1 – Wales; Tier 2 Division 2 – Scotland; Tier 3 – Czech Republic

This new event comprises lower divisions of the MacRobertson Shield as part of a larger WCF World Team Championship.  In 2010, Scotland beat Spain 5-1, Canada 6-0 and Japan 6-0 to win Tier 2 Division 2.

Tier 2 comprises rounds of two Association Croquet doubles and four Association Croquet singles matches, all best-of-three, and has been staged once, with Wales the winners of Division One and Scotland the winners of Division Two in 2010, both in England. 

The following have represented Scotland:


 Martin Murray, James Hopgood, David Magee, Campbell Morrison

Won Tier 2 Div 2