WCF World 14-Point Team Championship

This event has been staged once, with Wales the winners, in Italy in 2000. 

10 countries competed and were divided into 2 blocks of 5.  There were 3 players per team.  The following represented Scotland:  David Appleton, Charlotte Townsend, Rod Williams.


25 June – 2 July, 2000, at Le Robinie Golf Club, Busto Arsizio, Milan, Italy:

(Report by David Appleton)

Italian Organisers Earn Full Marks

That’s what it said in the WCF Magazine and it’s entirely true.  The organisation and hospitality at the World 14-point Championship at Le Robinie Golf Club (that’s at Solbiate Olona, which is near Busto Arsizio, which, if you need further directions, is near Milan) was tremendous.  The three lucky Scots (Charlotte Townsend, Rod Williams and – nominally captain – David Appleton) enjoyed a week of the high life and also met with some success in spite (or because) of the 600 litres of wonderfully cold and refreshing Nastro Azzurro beer which was available at the side of the lawns.

Matches were played as best of three with time limits of 75 minutes.  Because Rod’s wrist was painful – or so he said! – he was excused from having to play on the rather rough and bumpy lawn whose pleasures were equally shared by Charlotte and David; the other two lawns were excellent.

The ten entrants (and it is to be hoped that those countries which didn’t field teams for this very enjoyable event will do so in Egypt in two years time) were divided into two blocks of five; we were drawn to play Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Ireland.  We managed 3-0 wins over Germany and Italy and 1-2 losses against the others.  This meant that Switzerland, Ireland and ourselves all had eight wins and four losses, but we were placed third on points difference, which meant that in the knock out stage we had to play Egypt who had come second in the other group with wins over English, Australian and Spanish sides.  This we also won 2-1, though Rod and David were each taken to three games, and we found ourselves (deservedly!) in the semi-finals.  The captain had done pretty well so far to win all his matches, though it must be admitted that he was just a shade lucky (David’s way of expressing it; Rod chose different words) to beat Evan Newell of Ireland -7, +1T, +1.  In the second game Evan missed a short peg out into baulk and in the third game (endeavouring to get really close to the peg so as not to repeat this misfortune) rushed his partner ball onto the peg.  David was also extremely successful in making the other two members of his team feel relaxed; so much so that they both fell asleep during one of his motivational team talks.  He puts it down to the very hot weather rather than the fact that you could buy a bottle of Glen Grant in the supermarket for £5.

We failed to progress to the final, however, losing again to Ireland, this time 0-3.  Chris Hudson’s report said that we put up little resistance; it is true that we each lost in straight games, but Rod lost one of his only by -1T, Charlotte one of hers -2T and David twice got round to the peg with good contact leaves before eventually being pegged out succumbing to Fred Rogerson’s tactical nous.

Wales beat Switzerland in the other semi-final and proceeded to beat Ireland also, but by the narrowest of margins: all three matches went to three games and it was not until Chris Williams finally exhausted Fred Rogerson’s patience in a three ball ending that the Welsh secured their 2-1 victory.

Everyone had a whale of a time whether on the lawns, in the marvellous restaurants or visiting Venice or Milan.  We were not, however, the only ones to eat well: the Lombardy mosquitoes also enjoyed the tender white flesh of the British teams and their supporters.  Man top of the food chain?  Don’t you believe it!



Block A
1 Wales 9 wins
2 Egypt 6 wins
3 England 5 wins
4 Spain 5 wins
5 Australia 5 wins

Block B
1 Ireland 8 wins
2 Switzerland 8 wins
3 Scotland 8 wins
4 Italy 6 wins
5 Germany 0 wins

Scotland Block Results:

Switzerland beat Scotland 2-1
P.J. Payne beat R. Williams +5, -10, +5
I. Sexton lost to D. Appleton -1, -8
N. Eatough beat C. Townsend +11, -1T (6-7), +6T (13-7)

Scotland beat Germany 3-0
R. Williams beat B. Hess +6, +7
D. Appleton beat M. Scholl +14, +9
C. Townsend beat T. Magin  +8T (8-0), +12

Scotland beat Italy 3-0
R. Williams beat P. de Petra +4, -14, +12
D. Appleton beat G. Donati +9, +9
C. Townsend beat A. Pravettoni +1T (7-6), -9, +1T (12-11)

Ireland beat Scotland 2-1
E. Newell lost to D. Appleton +7T (8-1), -1T (9-10), -1
F. Rogerson beat R. Williams +11, +3
P. Fitzgerald beat C. Townsend +2T (7-5), +3


Wales beat Italy 2-1

Switzerland beat England 2-1

Scotland beat Egypt 2-1
R. Williams beat M. Elseginy -14, +8, +5
C. Townsend lost to W. Wahban -2T (8-10), -9T (3-12)
D. Appleton beat H. Ashraf +11, -13, +8

Ireland beat Spain 2-1


Wales beat Switzerland 2-1
I.J. Burridge beat P.J. Payne -11, +4, +9
C.N. Williams beat N. Eatough +2, +13
M.J. Evans lost to I. Sexton -3T (8-11), -2T (8-10)

Ireland beat Scotland 3-0
P. Fitzgerald beat R. Williams +1T (8-7), +11
F. Rogerson beat D. Appleton +7, +7
E. Newell beat C. Townsend +9, +2T (10-8)


Wales beat Ireland 2-1
I.J. Burridge beat E. Newell +13, -9, +7
C.N. Williams beat F. Rogerson +5, -6, +3
M.J. Evans lost to P. Fitzgerald +2, -8, -3