Guernsey Match

The first matches against the Channel Islands were in June 1993.  Both Guernsey and Jersey had representatives at the 1992 WCF World Championship, and both planned to be represented in 1993 also.  Neither island had strength in depth so Scotland intended to provide a suitable mix of abilities to provide fair competition on a two-day tour.  Guernsey provided the hospitality on the Saturday, Jersey on the Sunday. 

Although matches against Jersey have continued since then, there was no further match against Guernsey, which left the WCF some fifteen or so years later.

Match score:


Scottish Select


at Guernsey


Players who have participated in this match include:

George Anderson

Guernsey 93

David Appleton

Guernsey 93

Phillip Simpson

Guernsey 93

Rod Williams

Guernsey 93



12 June 1993:

(Report by David Appleton)

As part of the same trip as the first match against Jersey (see separate entry), we had played a handicap match the previous day against Guernsey – they are not strong enough to play us level – but perhaps not too much should be said about this event.  I have never played in such atrocious conditions.  The rain was horizontal and was accompanied by either large twigs or small branches blowing over the somewhat exposed lawns.  The best description of how difficult it was to play croquet can be found in the score of ‘Scotland’s Number One’ (according to the report in a Channel Islands newspaper) who won 9-3 on time!  Granted time limits were rather ridiculously short to enable us to play several games and still catch a plane to Jersey, but that does really sum it all up.  One interesting oddity was at the end of a doubles match in which George and David were all square with their opponents, who refused to believe that you then played sudden death.  Eventually, as diplomatic visitors, we agreed that Guernsey was exempt from the normal laws not only of tax but also of croquet.  Since our opponents had a bisque left and it was their turn to play it didn’t seem too bad a decision!  I can’t remember the overall result – I think we won (in fact, the 1994 Handbook claims a Guernsey win, but nowhere are there any scores, nor even the Guernsey players’ names).



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