Auchincruive Golf Croquet Doubles

This event is played under local Golf Croquet Rules, equivalent to the “old” rules that preceded the WCF-sponsored changes (see 5th Edition of the Laws of Croquet).  The main differences are the start-point, the prohibition of jump-shots, and the requirement that a ball can score a hoop only if it passes completely through in a single stroke.

1978        M & R Smith
1979        R Titchener, M Norton
1980        D Arnot, L Moultrie
1981        G Mason, M Norton
1982        P Simpson, P Glasgow
1983        D Arnot, S Spence
1984        G & W Spalding
1985        S & D Johnston
1986        M McKechnie, R Hissett
1987        M Fotheringham, R Hissett
1988        T Bromilow, G Thomson
1989        S & D Johnston
1990        S & D Johnston
1991        S & D Johnston
1992        M Birtwistle, G Caldwell
1993        D & S Arnot
1994        S & S Johnston
1995        I Read, F Fyfe
1996        D & S Arnot
1997        B Cooney, S Johnston
1998        G Caldwell, M Limonci
1999        B Cooney, S Johnston
2000        H & S Johnston
2001        G Davey, M Smith
2002        H Trevallion, S Johnston
2003        S Johnston, K Nicholson
2004        D Johnston, H Trevallion
2005        G & S Foster
2006        G Davey, S Masterton
2007        S Hendry, D Arnot
2008        T Barr, R Archibald
2009        T Barr, R Archibald
2010        M Smith, D Arnot
2011        T Barr, R Archibald