Basil Townsend Quaich

Donated by Charlotte Townsend.

An Inter-Club handicap singles event.  Each club will nominate one representative and the format will depend on the number of entries.  This competition took the place of the Piersland Bowl, mentioned above.  The Quaich was donated by Charlotte Townsend in memory of her late husband, Basil, who had died on 26 February, 1992.

Roll of honour:



(N.T. Gardner)



(A.E. Foster)



(J. Walker)



(J.G. Caldwell)



(S.M. Barnett)



(R. Close)



(J. Walker)



(J. Walker)



(F.R. McInnes)



(D.P. Arnot)



(S.M. Barnett)



(A.A. Wilson)



(D.P. Arnot)



(R.A. Hawke)



(R.A. Hawke)



(J.R. Hopgood)



(R. Inder)



(D.P. Arnot)



(R. Inder)



(M.P.W. Smith)





No report has been found.  Dunfermline (Nigel Gardner) won.

12 June, 1994 at Auchincruive:

(Report by Malcolm Smith)

Four clubs were represented in this tournament, which was played in the usual friendly sporting spirit on a very fine June day.  Malcolm Smith was the manager and referee; Charlotte Townsend presented the Basil Townsend Quaich to Tiny Foster of Bush, who beat Dave McLaughlin (Glasgow), Dave Arnot (Auchincruive) and Jim Cooper (Incorrigibles).  As a result of his three wins, Tony’s handicap was deservedly reduced from 16 to 14.


No records have been found.  Bush (Jamieson Walker) won.


Geoff Caldwell of Auchincruive, handicap 18, won three out of three to take the Basil Townsend Quaich, held at his home club at the beginning of June.  The first two rounds were 26-point 2½ hour time limit, and the last two 18-point 1½ hour time limit.  Maria Limonci for Edinburgh won two, while Jamieson Walker (Bush), Rob Close (Incorrigibles) and Steve Barnett (Glasgow) won one game each.


Steve Barnett (Glasgow, 7), Geoff Caldwell (Auchincruive, 12), Maria Limonci (Edinburgh, 18) and Jamieson Walker (Bush, 11) fought out the Inter-Club Handicap Singles at Auchincruive on 31 May, with Glasgow pipping the home club by two points on count back for the title, with two wins each.  Similarly, on a two point count back, Edinburgh took third place ahead of Bush.


(Report by Jamieson Walker)

The phone rang on Friday night and Malcolm Smith asked if I was going to play in the Basil Townsend Quaich at Auchincruive.  I told him how busy I was, how far it was to Auchincruive from Edinburgh, and how awful the weather forecast was.  There will be cake, he said.

Next morning as I breasted the hill and set eyes on that little bit of heaven that mortals call Auchincruive croquet lawn, with the Malcolm P.W. Smith Memorial Pavilion in the background, there was Malcolm’s dog Biggles resting by hoop 3.  Biggles was to feature much in the day.  My childhood hero Biggles had a relationship with his navigator Ginger that has since been an object of much speculation by English scholars.

Biggles the dog left no doubt that his preferences were clear cut, taking a short cut across the lawn to pursue any passing bitch.  At this point my first suspicions were aroused that a plot by supporters of the Auchincruive representative might be in hand.  It seemed that every time I was on the lawn some local resident would release a bitch in season, Malcolm left the site ‘to get the cakes’, returning later trailing behind his car a contraption containing two double beds.  He connected this to the Memorial Pavilion with a length of bunting containing the flags of all the nations, giving one the sense that we were involved in the croquet equivalent of the World Cup.  In front of the two beds he placed a table with cakes and took up his place on one side.  Biggles took his place on the other side of the table, with his nose six inches from the cakes, looking balefully at anyone who came close to the cakes.  My Auchincruive opponent laid up on the west boundary close to Biggles’ bottom.  There was nothing for it but to aim for Biggles’ bottom only to discover that Biggles had been enticed sideways by a piece of cake.  I found thereafter that I was increasingly distracted from my quest to get the cake before Biggles did, by the necessity to play the occasional croquet shot.  As the afternoon drew to a close Malcolm announced that he was going to give Biggles the last piece of cake.  The Auchincruive representative rent the sky with a cry of rage, rushed across the lawn to seize the piece of cake, swallowed it in one motion, and rushed back onto the lawn to run rover and peg out.  Biggles looked smug.  The drug control officer took a sample of the cake.

Well done Rob Close, who played magnificently to win the cup – for Auchincruive, paws down.

5 June, 1999 at Auchincruive:

(Report by Rob Close)

The entrants were Rob Close (Auchincruive, 18), Nigel Gardner (Dunfermline Carnegie, 6), Maria Limonci (Edinburgh, 14), Jamieson Walker (Bush, 9) and Alan Wilson (Powfoulis Manor, 20).  The competition was played as a full block of 18-point games.  Bush won the Quaich for the first time since 1995 when they were also represented by Jamieson Walker.


No report has been found.  Bush (Jamieson Walker) won.

3 June, 2001 at Auchincruive:

(Report by Fergus McInnes)

The manager and contestants for the Basil Townsend Quaich arrived at Auchincruive on the morning of 3rd June to find that the M.P.W. Smith Memorial Pavilion Memorial Pavilion (erected in memory of the earlier M.P.W. Smith Memorial Pavilion, blown away a couple of years ago; happily the original M.P.W. Smith has not suffered a similar fate) had been the scene of a break-in during the night, in which the slats of one of the doors had been kicked in.  However the only items missing were a hammer and the sides of a gazebo, and as these were not essential to the tournament it went ahead as normal while the manager, Dave Arnot, used spare pieces of wood to effect repairs and reinforcements to the doors.

The holder of the Quaich, Jamieson Walker of the Bush Club, was not present to defend it, but had sent it with the Edinburgh representative, Fergus McInnes.  Also competing were Steve Barnett for Glasgow, Jim Cooper for Auchincruive and Alan Wilson for Powfoulis.

In the first round Alan snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with a -2 loss to Steve; Jim and Fergus had a slow start, but Fergus eventually stopped clunking hoops and won +13.  Alan was looking promising again in the second round, but a miss on his opponent near corner IV, with all Alan’s bisques gone, let Fergus finish +8 – while Steve notched up a second victory (+12) against Jim.

Fergus’s play continued to improve in the final round (or were the hoops growing wider?), and he appeared to be heading for a +26 result when he failed to peg out from a distance of a few feet with an under-played croquet stroke; the ensuing half-jump pegged out only one ball, and Steve got started, only to break down at hoop 2 and allow a +25.  Finally, Jim continued his very consistent scoring by losing to Alan by -13.  So Edinburgh has achieved its first win in the nine year history of the event (having won its predecessor the Piersland Rosebowl three times), and the Basil Townsend Quaich is in the hand of its namesake’s home club at last.

Several varieties of stopping bisque were deployed in the course of the competition, with varying effectiveness: the coffee bisque, the banana bisque, and Steve’s innovative writing-the-score-in-prematurely bisque, which got credit for Fergus’s peg out failure.  The official bisques, incidentally, were indicated by dowels housed in wooden stands which provided for any integer handicap difference up to 22; an enhancement to this labour-saving device, to cater for half-bisques, may appear sometime if Dave’s woodwork skills can be spared from pavilion strengthening.


No report has been found.  Auchincruive (Dave Arnot) won.


No report has been found.  Glasgow (Steve Barnett) won.


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.


No report has been found.  Winner: Edinburgh (Allan Hawke).


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.


This report is already on the website.



1993:     No records have been found
Nigel Gardner (Dunfermline)

1994:     Tony Foster (Bush) beat Dave McLaughlin (Glasgow), Dave Arnot (Auchincruive), Jim Cooper (Incorrigibles)

1995:     No records have been found.
Jamieson Walker (Bush)

1996:     Rounds 1 and 2 consisted of 26-point games, and rounds 3 and 4 of 18-point games (results asterisked below)
G. Caldwell (Auchincruive) beat J. Walker +21, R. Close +10T, S. Barnett +18*
M. Limonci (Edinburgh) beat S. Barnett +18, J. Walker +15*
R. Close (Incorrigibles) beat M. Limonci +3T*
J. Walker (Bush) beat S. Barnett +18
S. Barnett (Glasgow) beat R. Close +9*

1997:     Steve Barnett (Glasgow) beat Jamieson Walker +9, Maria Limonci +1T
Geoff Caldwell (Auchincruive) beat Jamieson Walker +9T, Steve Barnett +8
Maria Limonci (Edinburgh) beat Geoff Caldwell +16
Jamieson Walker (Bush) beat Maria Limonci +5T

1998:    Rob Close (Auchincruive) 4 wins, beat Brian Durward +7, Nigel Gardner +6, Robert Macdonald +8, Jamieson Walker +9
Brian Durward (Edinburgh) 3 wins, beat Nigel Gardner +18, Robert Macdonald +12, Jamieson Walker +16
Jamieson Walker (Bush) 2 wins, beat Nigel Gardner +2, Robert Macdonald +9
Nigel Gardner (Dunfermline) 1 win, beat Robert Macdonald +6
Robert Macdonald (Glasgow) 0 wins

1999:     18-pt games:
Jamieson Walker (Bush) 4 wins, beat Nigel Gardner +15, Rob Close +4, Alan Wilson +5, Maria Limonci +11
Nigel Gardner (Dunfermline Carnegie) 3 wins, beat Rob Close +4, Alan Wilson +8, Maria Limonci +2
Rob Close (Auchincruive) 2 wins, beat Alan Wilson +5, Maria Limonci +13
Alan Wilson (Powfoulis Manor) 1 win, beat Maria Limonci +6
Maria Limonci (Edinburgh) 0 wins

2000:   Jamieson Walker (Bush) 3 wins, beat Dave Arnot +??, Fergus McInnes +14, Alan Wilson +16
Dave Arnot (Auchincruive) 2 wins, beat Fergus McInnes +14, Alan Wilson +8
Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh) 1 win, beat Alan Wilson +17
Alan Wilson (Powfoulis Manor) 0 wins

2001:    Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh) 3 wins, beat Steve Barnett +25, Alan Wilson (Powfoulis) +8, Jim Cooper (Auchincruive) +13
Steve Barnett (Glasgow) 2 wins, beat Alan Wilson +2, Jim Cooper +12
Alan Wilson (Powfoulis) 1 win, beat Jim Cooper +13
Jim Cooper (Glasgow) 0 wins

2002:    David Arnot (Auchincruive) 2 wins, beat Alan Wilson, Steve Barnett (Glasgow)
Alan Wilson (Powfoulis) 2 wins, beat Fergus McInnes, Steve Barnett
Steve Barnett (Glasgow) 1 win, beat Fergus McInnes 
Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh) 1 win, beat David Arnot

2003:    Steve Barnett (Glasgow) 2 wins, beat Alan Wilson +12, Rob Close +16
Alan Wilson (Powfoulis) 1 win, beat Rob Close +6
Rob Close (Auchincruive) 0 wins

2004:     Alan Wilson (Powfoulis, h’cap 9) 3 wins, beat Fergus McInnes +15t, Steven Boyne +8T, Joe Lennon +8
Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh, 4) 2 wins, beat Joe Lennon +6T, Steven Boyne +3
Steven Boyne (Auchincruive, 20) 1 win, beat Joe Lennon +7T
Joe Lennon (Glasgow, 18) 0 wins

2005:     18-pt games:
David Arnot (Auchincruive) 4 wins, beat Steven Boyne +5, Joe Lennon +8, Dale Lyon +5, Allan Hawke +2
Steven Boyne (Meadows) 3 wins, beat Dale Lyon +16, Allan Hawke +18, Joe Lennon +18
Allan Hawke (Edinburgh) 2 wins, beat Dale Lyon +9, Joe Lennon +2t
Joe Lennon (Glasgow) 1 win, beat Dale Lyon +9
Dale Lyon (Powfoulis) 0 wins

2006:     Allan Hawke (Edinburgh) 3/3, James Hopgood (Meadows) 2/3, Duncan Reeves (Glasgow) 1/3, Malcolm Smith (Auchincruive) 0/3

2007:     Allan Hawke (Edinburgh) beat Tony Whateley (Glasgow) +13

2008:     James Hopgood (Meadows) beat Malcolm Smith (Auchincruive) +1T (22-21), Allan Hawke (Edinburgh) +11

2009:     Robert Inder (Meadows) 3/3, Bill Spalding (Glasgow) 2/3, David Arnot (Auchincruive) 1/3, Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh) 0/3

2010:     David Arnot (Auchincruive) beat Allan Hawke (Edinburgh) +9

2011:     Robert Inder (Meadows) beat David Arnot +21, Malcolm Smith +11
Malcolm Smith (Glasgow) beat David Arnot (Auchincruive) +6

2012:     18-point games:
Malcolm Smith (Auchincruive) 2 wins, +22 points, beat Robert Lay +10, David Houston +10
Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh) 2 wins, -2 points, beat David Houston +4, Malcolm Smith +4
David Houston (Meadows) beat Robert Lay +15
Robert Lay (Glasgow) beat Fergus McInnes +10