Glasgow Open 2022

23-24 April, Knightswood

The Glasgow Open 2022 was played over the weekend of 23/24 April at Knightswood in Glasgow’s bracing spring sunshine.

There were five competitors - four each day - playing all-play-all each day in timed Advanced matches with an Egyptian scoring system while double-banked on an unpredictable lawn.

Day 1 saw Rosemary Saunders-Robertson win all four of her matches while Roger Binks, Kevin Wright and Stefan Colling won a game each against each other.

This unfortunately meant that Alan Wilson started Day 2 in second place having not played on Day 1. He won two of his games on Day 2 but it wasn’t enough to catch Rosemary who had already built up a significant cushion.

All games were played in good spirits and the players were delighted to receive visits from Joe Lennon and Brian Durward during the weekend and to enjoy some alcohol-free beer provided by the latter - a very civilised way to play croquet.

In the absence of a trophy, Rosemary was presented with a can of alcohol-free beer on the day and then presented with the trophy at the Meadows the following weekend.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this a fun weekend.

Stefan Colling


Rosemary Saunders Robertson 107
Alan Wilson 104
Stefan Colling 100
Kevin Wright 96
Roger Binks 93


Round 1
Rosemary beat Roger 26-2
Stefan beat Kevin 17-7

Round 2
Rosemary beat Stefan 16-13
Kevin beat Roger 11-10

Round 3
Roger beat Stefan 26-9
Rosemary beat Kevin 23-8

Round 4
Stefan beat Rosemary 20-15
Alan beat Roger 24-13

Round 5
Alan beat Rosemary 26-8
Roger beat Stefan 16-8

Round 6
Rosemary beat Roger 19-11
Stefan beat Alan 21-8

The results are also on Croquet Scores.

 Rosemary being presented with the trophy by Roger Binks


The dry lawns of Knightswood