CA v SCA 2022

27-28 August, York

Saturday dawned fair with the forecast of a difficult contest ahead as, on paper, the CA team was much stronger.

The first cunning ploy of the English was to get members of our team involved in the setting of hoops.  The ground was incredibly firm and strongly resistant to accepting hoops and much sweat and frustration was expended in trying to achieve firmness.  Whether this contributed to our poor start is debatable but we lost the opening set of three doubles which, unfortunately, set the scene for the rest of the weekend.  I think, also, that we behaved too much like the perfect guests, allowing our hosts to relax as we dragged defeat from the jaws of 'certain' victory on far too many occasions.  Our cause was not helped either by Rosemary feeling rather poorly all weekend (tested positive for Covid on return).

The second day started with a lot more heavy arm swinging with hoop hammers but, again, it did little for mallet swinging and we failed to overcome the significant deficit of Day 1.  So, I had to hand over the Quaich and congratulate the CA team on their victory.  But when I took the trophy to the CA Office at Cheltenham, I stressed that they had to make sure that they got it to Edinburgh in time for next year’s tournament as we want it back!

David Magee


CA: Andrew Killick (-1), Dave Gunn (0.5), Peter Thompson (1.5), Phil Errington (1.5), Roger Staples (3), Andrew Beaumont (3.5), Eileen Magee (9)

SCA: David Magee (0), George Plant (0.5), Rosemary Saunders Robertson (3), Brian Durward (4), Stefan Colling (5), Roger Binks (6)

Round 1 - Doubles
Andrew K and Phil beat George and Stefan +6T (21-15)
Dave and Andrew B beat David and Roger B +6T (18-12)
Roger S and Peter beat Rosemary and Brian +6T (22-16)
(3-0 to CA)

Round 2 - Singles
Dave beat David +16T (19-3)
Roger S beat Brian +4
Peter lost to George -23
Andrew B lost to Stefan -2T (16-18)
Andrew K beat Rosemary + 21
Phil beat Roger B +10T (22-12)
(7-2 to CA)

Round 3 - Singles
Peter lost to Rosemary -17
Eileen lost to Stefan -26
Andrew K beat David +19
Phil beat Brian+5
Dave beat George +4
Andrew B lost to Roger B -6T (11-17)
(10-5 to CA)

Round 4 - Doubles
Andrew K and Dave beat David and Brian +1T (22-21)
Roger S and Andrew B lost to Rosemary and Stefan -15
Phil and Peter beat George and Roger B +1T (17-16)
(12-6 to CA)

Round 5 - Singles
Roger S beat Roger +1T (22-21)
Andrew B beat Brian +1T (17-16)
Dave beat Rosemary +20
Andrew K beat George +18
Peter lost to David -4T (13-17)
Phil lost to Stefan -22
(16-8 to CA)


The CA and SCA teams at York