Basil Townsend Quaich 2022

24 July 2022, Auchincruive

Four clubs competed for the Basil Townsend Quaich: Auchincruive, Kevin Wright (8); Edinburgh, David Fell (7); Glasgow, Steve Barnett (10) and Meadows, Mark Shanks (22). The competition was played over three rounds of 18-point handicap AC.

The day was mixed, mainly dry, with a little rain but also some welcome sunshine. All games apart from one finished within the time, which reflected the good standard of play and also the eagerness of the competitors to finish before the forecast storms were due! The winner of this year's tournament was Kevin Wright, who won all of his games, and brought the Quaich back to Auchincruive after two years at Glasgow The rest shared the points, all winning one game.

Kevin Wright


  A E G M Wins Net
(Kevin Wright)
  +4 +16 +7 3 +27
(David Fell)
-4   -10 +4 1 -10
(Steve Barnett)
-16 +10   -2T
1 -8
(Mark Shanks)
-7 -4 +2T
  1 -9