SCA Handicap Singles 2021

The players in each match are jointly responsible for arranging it, but the first-named player has the casting vote in the choice of venue. The time limit is 3 hours, unless both players agree otherwise before the start of the match. The winner should report the result without delay to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matches should be arranged as soon as possible. Deadlines will be strictly enforced. If a result is not obtained and reported to the manager by the stated date then both players are liable to be eliminated. In case of difficulty in arranging a tie, please contact the manager promptly (well before the relevant deadline).

* These rounds may be revised ("married") depending on the number of different players remaining.


Stefan Colling beat Roger Binks +14
(played on 29 September at Balgreen)


By 27 June By 25 July By 29 August On 2 October
  Kathy Brown Kathy Brown +5 Stefan Colling +17
Alan Wilson Alan Wilson +1T
Rachel Frith
Brian Durward Kevin Wright +6 Stefan Colling +13
Kevin Wright
Roger Binks Stefan Colling +12
Stefan Colling


By 27 June By 25 July By 29 August On 2 October
Stefan Colling Stefan Colling +26 Brian Durward +6 Roger Binks +8
Alan Wilson
  Brian Durward
Rachel Frith Roger Binks +9 Roger Binks +13
Roger Binks
Kevin Wright Kathy Brown +4T
Kathy Brown