East v West v North of Scotland 2021

5-6 June 2021, Meadows

The weather on Saturday was poor with some showers, but cheered up for Sunday.  The effects of wariness over protection against viral infection and sheer distance reduced the number of entrants, sadly lacking from the North.  With only 13 on day 1 and 14 on day 2 an East v West format was adopted.   (This event needs 18 to 21 on each day for the three-way split, which is more complex to manage.)  Three full lawns were set and games were based on 14-point AC or 19-point GC, each limited to one hour with a cut-off at time even if a draw resulted.  Most GC games were completed, but some AC games struggled with the tight schedule – especially when a wide variance of bisques was present.  As options, GC or AC could be played as doubles, with Alternate Strokes or One-ball as other AC options.

To keep players on the lawn, the manager substituted for West, whilst playing primarily for East.  At the end of Saturday, 28 games (16 AC and 12 GC) had been played with a total of 406 hoops scored; East was well ahead on 18 wins against 10 for West.

Six team changes for Sunday.  It was good to see strong representation from Auchincruive, joining those from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Meadows and Balgreen.   Results were much closer over the next 25 games (10 GC and 15 AC) with West winning 11½ against 13½ for East.

Over two days and 53 games (22 GC and 31 AC) the hoop total was 767.  The final result was a convincing win for East by 31½ to 21½.  Many thanks to all who participated, especially those who said how much they enjoy the informal and good-natured style of the event.

Roger Binks

Results  (East names first)


AC 14 point
Brian Cosford lost to Alistair Malcolm 6-14
John Graham beat Kevin Wright 9-3
Rachel Frith lost to Stefan Colling 3-4
Jola Jurasinska drew with Roger Binks 11-11
Jola Jurasinska beat Morag Cosford 10-4
John Graham lost to Kevin Wright 7-10
Roger Binks beat Alistair Malcolm 14-0
Robert Inder lost to Stefan Colling 1-8
John Graham beat Stefan Colling 11-6
Rachel Frith beat Kevin Wright 5-4
Robert Inder lost to Kevin Wright 1-8
Jola Jurasinska lost to Stefan Colling 11-14
John Graham beat Alistair Malcolm 12-7
Rachel Frith beat Roger Binks 8-0
Rachel Frith lost to Michele Wright 7-4

Alternate strokes
Roger Binks & John Graham beat Alistair Malcolm & Stefan Colling 9-3

GC 19 point
Yvonne Mills lost to Kenny MacIsaac 6-8
Robert Inder beat Morag Cosford 10-3
Yvonne Mills beat Michele Wright 8-7
Rachel Frith  beat Kenny MacIsaac 7-5
Jola Jurasinska beat Michele Wright 8-7
Brian Cosford lost to Kenny MacIsaac 7-10
Yvonne Mills beat Morag Cosford 10-4
Roger Binks drew with Alistair Malcolm 9-9
Yvonne Mills beat Kenny MacIsaac 10-8
Brian Cosford beat Morag Cosford 10-5
Robert Inder beat Kenny MacIsaac 10-4
Yvonne Mills beat Kevin Wright  10-6


AC 14 point
Brian Cosford lost to Allan Hawke 6-10
Jamieson Walker lost to Alistair Malcolm 4-8
Jola Jurasinska drew with Kevin Wright  4-4
Jamieson Walker lost to Allan Hawke 4-14
Rachel Frith  lost to Michele Wright 3-4
Brian Cosford lost to Kevin Wright  5-6
Roger Binks lost to Stefan Colling 9-13
John Graham beat Allan Hawke 14-4
Jola Jurasinska lost to Alistair Malcolm 6-14
Rachel Frith  beat Stefan Colling 7-0
Roger Binks beat Alistair Malcolm 14-9
John Graham beat Kevin Wright  14-0

One Ball 14 point
Roger Binks beat Stefan Colling 10-3

Alternate strokes 14 point
Rachel Frith & Roger Binks beat Michele Wright & Stefan Colling 3-2
Jola Jurasinska & Brian Cosford beat Alistair Malcolm & Kevin Wright 7-5

GC 19 point
John Graham lost to Malcolm Smith 7-10
Tom Dewar beat Kenny MacIsaac 10-4
John Graham beat Kenny MacIsaac 10-7
Tom Dewar lost to Malcolm Smith 7-10
Jamieson Walker lost to Kenny MacIsaac 4-9
Roger Binks beat Kenny MacIsaac 7-6
Jamieson Walker lost to Kenny MacIsaac 7-10
Brian Cosford beat Malcolm Smith 10-3
Tom Dewar beat Kevin Wright  10-9
Tom Dewar & Rachel Frith beat Malcolm Smith & Michele Wright 9-6

Some of the players on the Sunday at the East v West v North competition