Spring Weekend 2019

4-5 May 2019, Meadows

Hamish Duguid presenting the trophy to Roger BinksHeld at Meadows CC, the Spring Weekend attracted eight players prepared to accept colder conditions.  Saturday had some sun and a hint of rain and Sunday was cooler, but dry.  Recent weather and fertiliser had encouraged grass growth to an excessive length for some, and runs near hoops were evident; generally the surface played well, despite noticeable undulations.

The format of two-hour games for 18 points (hoop1 start) allowed all to play each other with four rounds on day 1 and three on day 2.  One lawn was double banked each round, without extra time.  Apart from one at 28 (capped at 24), handicaps ranged from 10 to 14.  Half of the games won were pegged-out before time or in extra turns.  Jola Jurasinska takes credit for winning with 66 minutes to spare and 25 and 23 in other games.  With few bisques available, half were determined by hoops scored.  Rachel Frith was pleased to win her initial match, but contented herself with knitting during subsequent out-play.  Commiserations to Jamieson Walker who had to settle for perpetual runner-up each day.  Joe Lennon's frustrations from the first round loss to Kevin Wright gradually wore off once he had come to terms with the longer grass.   

There was spirited play from Stefan Colling, experiencing 18-point for the first time.  Steady progress from Hamish Duguid and Kevin Wright gave them 3 wins going into day 2, one behind Roger Binks on 4 wins.  With everything to play for, Stefan beat Kevin, then lost to Roger, Kevin beat Jamieson, as did Hamish who then lost to Jola.  As Roger had beaten Joe, he was unassailable in round 7.  However not to be out-done Hamish battled with Roger in the final game - described as one of four quarters, with good breaks from both assailants.  The handful of spectators including Charlotte Townsend and Rod Williams, Vivien Wightman and David Houston were entertained by antics at rover and a concluding peg-out by Hamish to win by one point.  

Thus Roger, who had managed the tournament, retained the trophy and thanked all players for competing over this friendly and enjoyable weekend.

Roger Binks


  JW RB SC HD RF JJ JL KW Wins Net Posn
Jamieson Walker   -1 -12 -6 -6 -6 -9 -3T
0 -43 8
Roger Binks +1   +13 -1 +6T
+6 +3T
6 +33 1
Stefan Colling +12 -13   -2T
+10 4 +14 4
Hamish Duguid +6 +1 +2T
  +7 -12 +3T
5 +5 3
Rachel Frith +6 -6T
-7   -3T
1 -28 7
Jola Jurasinska +6 -6 -5T
+12 +3T
  -8 -2T
3 0 6
Joe Lennon +9 -3T
+8   -17 4 +2 5
Kevin Wright +3T
-10 +2T
+17   5 +17 2

 The players