Basil Townsend Quaich 2019

21 July 2019, Auchincruive

In a close competition with most games going to time, four teams competed for the trophy: Auchincruive (Kevin Wright), Edinburgh (Kathy Brown), Glasgow (Richard Sparrow) and Meadows (Roger Binks), each team playing three 18-point games. The weather was fine apart from the last 20 minutes when the heavens opened on Kathy and Kevin who were still playing, and with the score level, had to play the ‘golden hoop’ in the torrential rain. Auchincruive, won all their games and took the trophy.

Kevin Wright

  A G M E Wins
Auchincruive   +5T
+14 +1T
Glasgow -5T
Meadows -14 -6T
Edinburgh -1T

Richard Sparrow presenting the trophy to Kevin Wright